An Animal Magnetism Novel , Book 2
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24400-5
October 2011
Contemporary Romance

Sunshine, Idaho - Present Day

Dr. Dell Connelly has to be the hottest, sexiest man that Jade Bennett ever met, let alone worked with, but she's not about to throw herself at him.  Partly because plenty of other women throw themselves at him—and he's not shy about catching them—but also because Jade will be leaving Sunshine by the end of the month. Eighteen months ago, Jade left her job and her home after being attacked at work, and she's been trying to find herself ever since.  She enjoys working as the receptionist at Dell's veterinary clinic, Belle Haven, and she's made friends in Sunshine, but she's needed at home.  Then something happens that triggers flashbacks of her attack, and Jade wonders if she's strong enough to go back to her old life yet.

In spite of the fact that she gave no references or work experience, Dell hired Jade and hasn't regretted it once in the eighteen months she's worked at Belle Haven.  The almost frighteningly efficient way she runs his office, and even parts of his life, has made her irreplaceable, but he's also going to miss her as a friend.  He's always known that she is haunted by some trauma in her past, and when he comes upon her during one of her flashbacks, he decides to help.  The self-defense lessons are a good idea, but being this close to Jade has Dell facing something he'd never expected…deep feelings for one specific woman.

ANIMAL ATTRACTION returns readers to Sunshine, Idaho and the Connelly family.  Dell and Adam Connelly are both vets, and their foster brother, Brady, is a helicopter pilot who, among other things, flies Dell and Adam when needed.  Dell has some issues, and because of them, doesn't stay long with any woman and tends to keep his relationships somewhat superficial.  Other than his brothers, Lilah (now Brady's fiancée), and now Jade, he doesn't let anybody in.  Jade's attack left her traumatized and doubting herself, so it's a little hard for her to form attachments right now also.  Yet, the people at Belle Haven have become more than friends, and she knows she'll miss them once she returns home.  Her attraction for Dell is something she's done her best to ignore, first because she wasn't ready, then later because of his serial dating habits.  When the two finally get together, it's explosive, but also more than just sex.

A fun read with likable characters, ANIMAL ATTRACTION is a book I highly recommend.

Jennifer Bishop