ALL I WANT Jill Shalvis
An Animal Magnetism Novel , Book 7
ISBN 13: 978-0-425-27019-5
ISBN-10: 0-425-27019-X
October 2015
Romantic Suspense

Sunshine, Idaho, the Present

Intelligent and caring Zoe Stone has always been the tough, responsible older sister. When her parents opted out on parenting, it was Zoe who protected and took care of her brother Wyatt and her sister Darcy for days in the foreign non-English speaking airport until their delayed, foreign diplomat parents could arrive. Now she lives in her grandparents' house that the three siblings inherited, and works as a pilot at the small airport in Sunshine. While Wyatt and Darcy have found loving relationships in Sunshine, Zoe hasn't. She is getting ready for an arranged date with a dentist when the man arrives. He is hot and hunky, and Darcy, who is with her, approves of him, but not the dress Zoe chose to wear. With the warning from Darcy to be bold, Zoe opens the door, and before saying anything kisses the guy. It turns out he is not her dentist date, but the guy Wyatt asked her to let stay at the house, a college friend of his who is vacationing in the area.

Parker James is on a recovery leave from his position as a USFW special agent. While he passes himself off as a simple Forest and Wildlife agent, he is much more. He hunts not only poachers but also those importing endangered species pelts, and elephant and rhino tusks. He was injured and a fellow agent killed when trying to take down an infamous importer of these illegal animal parts. Against his superior's order, he is in Sunshine to track down Tripp Carver, also known as the Butcher. When he reports to his superior he has found Carver, he is ordered to stand down before be blows a major investigation. Carver has been given a pass on murder for providing information other agencies want. Parker's job is his life, and he is not about to give up on his investigation. However, Zoe attracts and distracts him from the moment of that initial kiss. Inept at baking and making simple household repairs, she still fascinates him. She lives with a Bernese Mountain Dog. Oreo is an abused shelter dog who is as creamy on the inside as he is chocolate on the outside who usually hates men but loves Parker. Parker soon adds two kittens to the household menagerie.

This is a very hot relationship where neither participant expects a forever romance, or much more than a temporary hook up. Yet each is irresistibly drawn by the other. Zoe knows Parker will leave; his job demands it. Parker's unauthorized investigation adds suspense with his hunt for Carver and with his emotional impact on Zoe. Wyatt from THEN CAME YOU and Darcy from STILL THE ONE play important parts in the story, as does Parker's Down's Syndrome afflicted little sister Amory. The couple's bickering, quips, and hot looks will attract readers. It just proves even the crispiest, hard human exterior can be filled with soft sugar, too.

Robin Lee