St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-04041-1
May 2015
Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

With the New York Saints major league baseball season about to open, burlesque club owner Raina Easton is hired to train a group of cheerleaders dressed in angel outfits to perform during inning breaks. It doesn't take long for Raina to run into one of the owners, Army veteran and bad boy biker Malachi Coulter, who expresses his displeasure about the cheerleaders since he wasn't consulted. Yet he can't stop noticing Raina, or staying away from her, and one night he ends up at her club where he's soon rescuing her from a bad situation. Raina insists she can take care of herself and doesn't need protection, but Mal doesn't care what she thinks. He's going to do whatever it takes to figure out who might be trying to make her life miserable.

Mal has worked hard and played tough, so nothing is impossible for him…except commitment and marriage. Raina might be beautiful and sassy, but unexplained mishaps certainly point to someone wanting to hurt her or her business. Is it related to her business or to the Saints gig? Does she have a stalker? Mal encourages—no, he tells her—to upgrade her security, and as a security expert he's the man for the job. Of course, the best plan of protection is his being around her 24/7…and something he does willingly. The more they're around each other, the greater the embers of passion smolder between them. Will it finally explode into fiery hot sex?

Mal has been best friends since childhood with Alex Winters and Lucas Angelo, and the trio recently purchased the Saints baseball team and are about to embark on their first season. Mal is in charge of security and having a bunch of tittering and bouncy women around just has him uneasy as people sometimes act weird and stalky. Add in the fact that he gets off on the wrong foot with Raina with his opposition to the cheerleaders, and the two are soon toe to toe. Yet something about her has his libido rising. Mal is a loner, so why does he want to dance a tango with Raina?

Raina is hoping the Saints gig will lead to booming business at her club. She makes it clear to Mal that her club isn't a strip club, but one that provides sexy laughs and enjoyment without sex. His appearance at her club has her on edge at first, but soon she's grateful for his help after her club and truck are vandalized. Who is behind these actions and what are they after? Meanwhile, Raina strikes up a friendship with Mal's friends and their ladies (Alex and Maggie from THE DEVIL IN DENIM and Lucas and Sara from ANGEL IN ARMANI – both out now). Will Mal and Raina fill out the trio of couples?

In LAWLESS IN LEATHER, Mal can't figure out why he's attracted to Raina. Even knowing how much he wants her, he resists initiating an affair with her because she is considered a team employee, and mixing business and pleasure isn't going to lead to anything good in his mind. Yet Mal can't stop being around her—either at the stadium or at her club—so soon he seems like a part of her life without there being anything romantic between them. Will a torrid affair dampen the desire between them, or will it only fan the flames? For Raina, she has had a streak of bad luck when it comes to men, and getting involved with bad boy Mal isn't on her agenda. Yet even she can't deny there's something about him that has her wanting him.

Indulge yourself in this sexy treat as LAWLESS IN LEATHER has a couple who both walk on the wild side and find themselves attracted to each other. Raina and Mal's story burns up the pages, and readers should be prepared to sip on a cold drink while reading their tale.

Patti Fischer