ANGEL IN ARMANI – Melanie Scott
New York Saints Trilogy , Book 2
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-04040-4
January 2015
Contemporary Romance

New York City and Florida – Present Day

Helicopter pilot Sara Charles is struggling to keep the family charter business afloat after her father is badly injured in a crash that also took out one of their choppers. She's been flying millionaire surgeon Lucas Angelo to various functions and, one night in the Hamptons, they become stranded after a storm, which leads to a night of passion. But in the morning Sara disappears, leaving Lucas sleeping and stranded where he'll have to figure out a way back to the city. She expects her dumping him has him angry and she won't see him again, but she is wrong. He materializes back in her life—and offers her a plum job transporting him and the other management members of the baseball team they own, the New York Saints. Sara desperately needs the money to keep her company in business and agrees. But can she keep sexy Lucas at arm's length?

Lucas is the type to love them and leave them, not the other way around. So when Sara dumps him after their night together, he can't get her out of his mind. He wants her—again—and will do anything to make it happen, despite her avowal to not sleep with him. There's no denying the heated chemistry between them, and soon she can't resist. But Lucas isn't into happily-ever-after relationships and Sara is the kind of woman who deserves a ring on her finger. Will being around Sara change Lucas's mind?

Suave and charming, Lucas has a busy life as a doctor and society darling as the hot bachelor everyone wants to meet in ANGEL IN ARMANI. Add in that he is promoting the upcoming season for the baseball team and he's always invited to functions that require he get there as fast as he can and back, which is where hiring Sara and the helo comes in handy. They forged a business relationship that turned personal the night they were stranded in a motel alone. The sex was sizzling hot, but Sara's first priority is her company, so when she got an emergency call about her chopper being damaged, she barely hesitated before taking off in Lucas's rental car. When he shows back up in her life, she figures he wants revenge, but instead he offers her a job. Sara doesn't want others to learn about her affair with Lucas, especially since he is now one of her bosses. But it doesn't take long before he charms her back into his bed.

Lucas and his best friends, Alex and Mal, bought the baseball team recently (see Alex and Maggie's romance in THE DEVIL IN DENIM) and are trying to drum up business to sell season tickets, so it requires he attend all kinds of functions. With his busy hospital schedule it's easier to fly than drive, and that is how he met Sara. It didn't take him long to become intrigued by her, and one thing led to another that dark and stormy night in a motel room. Sara is determined to remain independent, and while Lucas can appreciate it, her prickly attitude has him frustrated. But days together soon turn into nights of passion. Is there a chance their romance could to lead to anything permanent?  

Baseball might be the reason Sara and Lucas are first connected in ANGEL IN ARMANI, but the baseball diamond is in the background for readers who aren't into sports romances. Just as Sara is dedicated, so is Lucas to his medical career. They might lead busy lives, but there's no denying the chemistry that brings them together…and they can't get enough of each other. The love scenes are sexy and hot, and the “I want to resist you but you're too hot so I can't” affect Lucas has on Sara makes ANGEL IN ARMANI an irresistible tale that I highly recommend. Grab this and put it at the top of your next reading adventure.

Patti Fischer