LICK - Kylie Scott
A Stage Dive Novel , Book 1
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-05236-0
May 2014
Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Present Day Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California

The morning after her twenty-first birthday celebration in Las Vegas, Evelyn Thomas wakes up with the worst hangover, and a vaguely familiar man in her hotel room. When she sees the huge diamond on her finger, her stomach gets a bit jittery again, and the man confirming that they married the night before causes another round of sickness.  Before Evelyn can find out his name, he realizes that she doesn't remember anything about the night before and storms out.  The brand new tattoo on her backside lets her know his name is David, but it's also further proof that her life plan was almost derailed, and she needs to just pretend nothing ever happened.

By the time Evelyn and her friend Lauren land back in Portland, the media has been alerted, and Evelyn realizes that her husband, David, is actually David Ferris, lead guitarist for the wildly popular rock band Stage Dive.  With the paparazzi as well as fans camped out at both her apartment and her parents' house, Evelyn reluctantly agrees to stay at David's L.A. home. Though at first things are a little tense between them, when they finally get some time alone, Evelyn sees a side of David that few people see, and she decides that maybe getting to know her husband should be part of her new plan.

Evelyn has always been the “good girl” but in LICK, when she takes a walk on the wild side, she goes all the way.  To get drunk enough that she married a man she'd never met before is out of character enough, but that she forgot everything about that night is a shock.  Even more shocking to her though, is that her lack of memory apparently hurts David.  How can a man who has dozens of women throwing themselves at him nightly be interested in her?  As she gets to know him, Evelyn realizes she isn't so sure about going through with the divorce they've talked about, and David doesn't seem to want it either.

The first book in the Stage Dive series, LICK introduces readers to a successful rock band that has been having some troubles lately.  David is the songwriter, but he hasn't been able to write for a while, and the tension between David and his brother Jimmy, the band's lead singer, has sparked rumors of the band breaking up.  We don't get to see much about the bassist, Ben, but the drummer, Mal, becomes fast friends with Evelyn.  His book is up next, and I for one, can't wait to read it.  LICK is a captivating novel that I highly recommend.

Jennifer Bishop