LEAD – Kylie Scott
A Stage Dive Novel – Book 3
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250052384
December 2014
New Adult

Portland, Oregon – Present Day

Jimmy, the lead singer of Stage Dive, has cleaned up his act. No more drugs and drinking, and as a result, he's basically become a hermit. To make sure Jimmy doesn't fall back into his destructive habits, his bandmates decide he needs a constant companion to help keep him in line. And after a chance meeting, Lena is selected as the perfect sacrifice—oops, I mean candidate.

Lena was prepared to hate Jimmy, or at least prepared to have to be a strict task master. But Jimmy is in complete control. He could almost be called boring, mostly communicating with her via grunts or glares. But it's the little things that make her realize how kindhearted he really is—such as “forgetting” who's turn it is to choose what to watch on TV, or knowing her habits, likes, and dislikes. The longer Lena spends with Jimmy, the more she's falling in love—but can this womanizing rocker boy ever feel the same?

Stage Dive's lead singer has gone through a lot of heartbreak; some he caused, and some he suffered. But Jimmy is the type of reformed bad boy that readers will fall head over heels for. Jimmy has a good heart, and you can see how much he cares about his bandmates, and even Lena, as much as he doesn't want to admit it. Lena is a strong woman who really brings out the human side of this tough, life-hardened lead singer. And even better, she can hold her own against the mega-stars with their mega-egos.

Fans will devour LEAD, just like its predecessors, LICK (JULY 2014) and PLAY (SEPT 2014). Author Kylie Scott knows how to write a bad boy with a good heart, and Jimmy is no exception. Readers of the series will be happy to see how far Jimmy and the band have come since the first book. But new readers fear not; LEAD can be read on its own, though I'm sure you'll be grabbing the previous books in the series as soon as you finish Lena and Jimmy's story.

Make sure to keep your eye on Ben's story, DEEP, releasing MARCH 2015!

Amanda Toth