DIRTY - Kylie Scott
A Dive Bar Novel , Book 1
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-08321-0
April 2016
Contemporary Romance

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Present Day

Lydia Green had thought she'd made a sensible choice when she agreed to marry Chris after a whirlwind courtship.  Though not a very passionate relationship, he'll give Lydia the stability she craves as well as family.  But on her wedding day, she receives a near-pornographic video of Chris with his best man.  Angry and humiliated, she runs out on her wedding and ends up at a seemingly abandoned home where she can hide out and lick her wounds in private. Unfortunately, Lydia's only luck is bad luck on her would-be wedding day; the owner of the home arrives and catches her unawares.

After the break-up of his band, Vaughan Hewson returns to his hometown with the plan to sell his childhood home and head back to L.A. to get his music career back on track.  He hadn't expected to find a runaway bride in his shower, and to get caught up in her troubles.  Nor had Vaughan expected to get involved with his sister, Nell's, problems as well and end up working at her bar.

The Dive Bar series kicks off with a bang in the funny, sexy, DIRTY.  When Lydia's life blows up in her face, she decides to cut her losses and leave the town that was truly beginning to feel like home all she needs is to tie up the loose ends with her ex-fiancé's family and she can move on.  Vaughan is only staying in town until he can sell the house, so he offers to let Lydia stay with him.  They go from strangers to friends in no time flat, and it's not too much longer before sex comes into play.  After meeting Vaughan's sister and the friends that work at Dive Bar, Lydia comes to realize that she may have found a family after all.  But will she still want to remain once Vaughan heads back to L.A.?  Pick up the delightful DIRTY to find out.

Jennifer Bishop