The Highest Bidder , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2192
ISBN: 978-0-373-73205-0
November 2012
Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Roark Black's daring and adventures are well-known as he travels the world in search of elusive artifacts for Waverly auctions. Handsome and charming, Roark can have any woman he wants, but event planner Elizabeth Minerva wants nothing to do with Roark and goes to great pains to avoid him as she recognizes her weakness for bad boys. Elizabeth's plans include continuing her career and having a baby very soon. Yet, their paths cross when Roark offers her money (which she badly needs) in exchange for her pretending to be his fiancée to convince a Waverly board member that he's settled down. Can Elizabeth resist the temptation Roark presents whenever they're around each other?

Roark has traveled the world and rarely is in one place very long. But with a prized golden statue missing and being accused of stealing it, he has to stick close to New York City. Plus, with him being “newly engaged” he needs to squire Elizabeth around town, though this won't be hard to do as she intrigues him as much as her beauty attracts him. He wants their relationship to appear real, so he manages to steal a kiss or two…and more. But the closer they grow, the more she pushes him away. Will Elizabeth accept that their engagement is temporary, because Roark's first and only love is adventure?

Roark surely has to be modern day's version of Indiana Jones. He loves the thrill of adventure and the excitement of new places. On the other hand, Elizabeth is content to build her career in New York and plan for the baby she desperately wants to fill her life after the loss of loved ones. Surely there is no way these two can meet in the center? Add in the fact that Elizabeth is wary of getting involved (again!) with a bad boy. Roark is as bad as they come if you believe the press. Yet, they manage to connect and become attracted to each other in THE ROGUE'S FORTUNE by Cat Schield. Elizabeth is afraid of losing her heart, while Roark is afraid of losing his independence. Can she tame him, and can he settle down long enough to not break her heart? Is there any way they can figure out how to make things work?

Elizabeth lost her sister, brother-in-law, and niece in a car accident nearly a year ago, and she feels alone, so plans to have a baby on her own to help fill the void. Of course, she has a demanding job with an even more demanding boss, so the contacts that Roark offers to her as part of their “engagement” is too hard to resist. She wants to keep him at arm's length, and yet his kisses prove too seductive for her peace of mind. Roark is feeling the heat from authorities, who accuse him of stealing—and hiding—the missing statue. How can he convince them that they have the wrong man? While their engagement is a surprise to those around them, Elizabeth and Roark's sizzling chemistry is not hard to miss…especially to readers of THE ROGUE'S FORTUNE.

If you love an adventurous, romantic hero, then look no further as Roark sweeps Elizabeth off her feet in THE ROGUE'S FORTUNE.

Patti Fischer