Sweet Tea and Scandal , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2627
ISBN: 978-1-335-97187-6
November 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

London McCaffrey got her pride hurt (but not her heart) when her fiancé broke off their engagement to take up with his housekeeper. Meeting two other ladies who want to exact revenge on the men who have hurt them, London agrees to take as her prey one of the ladies' targets. Attending a social function one night to get close to the man, London instead meets—and is intrigued by—his brother, race-car driver Harrison Crosby. She decides to pursue a friendship with Harrison in order to get close to his brother. Soon, she is falling for him. Will she be able to go through with bringing down his brother?

Harrison is intrigued and tempted by London. Everyone in the city knows about her recent breakup, and while she says she is over it, she still avoids talking about it. As he works to get closer to London, Harrison realizes that he cares more for her than he has any other woman that he's dated before. Can he work to get past her defensiveness and discover her real feelings for him?

London is up to no good as SUBSTITUTE SEDUCTION opens. Readers who have read the first book in the  Sweet Tea and Scandal s eries, (UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS BABY) might remember London as the hero's fiancée. Her intention was to marry well in order to achieve social standing, as this is something that has eluded her family. London has been pushed by her mother to marry the “right” man, and now she has nothing. It started out as revenge against her ex, but once she meets Harrison, it quickly turns into something more. Yes, she isn't initially a likable character, but as SUBSTITUTE SEDUCTION soon reveals, there's more to her than we realize.

Harrison is the sensible member of his family, though he has forged major success as a race-car driver outside the family business. His brother is obstinate and an enigma even to Harrison. We don't get to see much of Harrison's brother, Tristan, but can sense he is not a nice guy, especially when he set his ex (and London's co-conspirator) up to get nothing out of their marriage. Meanwhile, Harrison and London are enjoying each other's company. Will it turn to love between them? Will she go through with her plan to entrap Tristan, and if so, how will Harrison react?

SUBSTITUTE SEDUCTION is an intriguing tale of revenge, seduction, and finding love when it's least expected.

Patti Fischer