The Sherdana Royals , Book 1
Billionaires and Babies series
Harlequin Desire #2359
ISBN: 978-0-373-73372-9
March 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Sherdana Present Day

It's a modern day royal tale in ROYAL HEIRS REQUIRED as Crown Prince Gabriel Alessandro prepares to marry the perfect bride-to-be Lady Olivia Darcy. But during the engagement party, his personal aide notifies Gabriel that twin girls have been dropped off and they apparently are his from an affair that ended three years ago. To say he's shocked is an understatement, but how will it affect his upcoming nuptials with Olivia? The girls' mother recently died of cancer, and their appearance rekindles his memories of the woman he once loved but who wasn't suitable as his consort, so he broke it off.  To his surprise, Olivia is taken with the twins and begins to mother them. It causes Gabriel to really notice Olivia as not only a beautiful woman, but one he's become attracted to.

Olivia has been raised to be the perfect Lady, never causing her family to worry that she'd do something improper. She expects a boring marriage to Gabriel, but when he begins to show interest in her, desire curls up inside her, and when they kiss, she wants more. One of the expected requirements Olivia will be expected to do is bear his heir, so she doesn't hesitate when he wants to get an early start on the process by making love to her. But Olivia hasn't told Gabriel that she has fertility issues, and soon she has complications. If she cannot get pregnant, will he turn his back on her?

ROYAL HEIRS REQUIRED is an emotional tale that centers on a couple who have pretty much not let emotion rule their lives. Gabriel is the heir to the throne, and it's required that he produce his own heir. He once loved a model (the twins' mother) but she wasn't suitable as his wife according to royal rules, so he gave her up. The entrance of the little girls into his life has him reflecting on what he lost in giving up their mother, but at the same time he begins to appreciate the future Olivia provides, especially when he begins to realize he's attracted to her. Olivia wants to have a child, and while knowing she won't be the first woman to provide him with a child, she adores the children as if they were her own.

Gabriel never thought he'd be sexually compatible with Olivia, but the serene beauty from Great Britain proves to be a tigress in bed, and that has him wanting to be with her all the time. But soon the press broadcasts the rumors of her infertility, and when Gabe learns the truth, he begins to wonder if their marriage will be a mistake, because providing a legitimate heir is his first priority. What other secrets has Olivia not told him about?

If you love modern royalty romances, then ROYAL HEIRS REQUIRED will nicely fit the bill. Gabriel is the oldest of a set of triplet brothers, and we're already getting a hint which brother will get his story told next in The Sherdana Royals series from Cat Schield. Meanwhile, get settled into a comfy chair and get ready to immerse yourself in Gabriel and Olivia's royally good tale

Patti Fischer