Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2420
ISBN: 978-0-373-73433-7
January 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas and Vail, Colorado – Present Day

When his absent twin brother's illegitimate infant daughter is dumped on Liam Webb, he needs instant help caring for the child. He hires a nanny from an agency, and they send Hadley Stratton. Hadley and Liam knew each other from years ago when both worked in the rodeo circuit, but she mysteriously disappeared.  Turns out she gave up the business to work with children and is currently working on a child development college degree.  After realizing it's Liam she'll be working for, she's reluctant to continue because he reminds of the past she gave up and the crush she once had on him. But Liam convinces her that she is the right person for the job after the baby, Maggie, takes to her.

Against her better judgment, Hadley moves in with Liam to help take care of the baby while he works to maintain the ranch he owns. She is also convinced that Maggie is really Liam's and not his brother's, despite his insistence to the contrary. Liam is trying to get hold of his twin, who is in the military, but so far no response. Someone has to take primary responsibility for Maggie and he figures it will end up being him.  Living together stirs up embers of desire between Liam and Maggie. Is this going to end badly with someone hurt?

A sweet infant girl loses her mother in a car accident and her grandmother doesn't want her, so it's up to her uncle Liam to take care of her in NANNY MAKES THREE. As a busy rancher with no wife or family support, Liam has to quickly find help. Enter Hadley, and suddenly they're a “family” unit where closeness breeds attraction. After already being burned once by a man she worked for who “needed her” only to leave her to return to his ex, Hadley isn't looking for a repeat of getting involved with her employer. But Liam is definitely attracted to her and uses his charms and hot kisses to woo her. Is she making a mistake getting involved with him?

In NANNY MAKES THREE, there's plenty of tug at the heart emotion as Maggie is a preemie and life is not perfect for her. As Liam and Hadley rally around the baby, they grow closer and talk. Hadley has to overcome the feeling that she is responsible for the heartache that has chased her in the past, while Liam has to learn to not take responsibility for his brother's refusal to communicate with the family and claim his child. But Maggie may be in the best hands with Liam and Hadley. While part of the Texas Cattleman's new series, NANNY MAKES THREE can easily be read as a standalone.

An intriguing romance, I highly recommend NANNY MAKES THREE if you love babies, cowboys, and a woman who brings love and security to a household.

Patti Fischer