Harlequin Desire #2116
ISBN: 978-0-373-73129-9
October 2011
Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Houston, Texas – Present Day

After years of working for Sebastian Case as his go-to person, and giving up her personal life, Missy Ward is fed up when her boyfriend dumps her for being boring. Missy is in Vegas with Sebastian for an important conference which could make or break the company's future. In a fit of rebellion, Missy decides to resign, but first, she gets a makeover in hopes it will help give her more nerve. She does submit her resignation, and when Sebastian demands that she withdraw it, in a fit of bravado, Missy counters with her own demand: if she wins at roulette, she also wins a night with him.

Sebastian's life is all business, and to say he's shocked by the “new” Missy is an understatement. Faced with the challenge to make love to her, he doesn't back down. But their night together turns out to be an eye-opener. One night with Missy isn't enough. Sebastian tries to convince himself it's a mistake and he has to get back to the task at hand, despite the sexy Missy parading around and tempting him. Will he lose the big deal—and Missy—if he doesn't figure out what to do about them?

Missy is ready to break out of the good girl mode and become a sexy siren in Cat Schield's A WIN-WIN PROPOSITION. Missy couldn't see the affect being dedicated to her job had done on her love life until her ex-boyfriend dumped her. The trip to Vegas is a chance for her to spread her wings, and while catching Sebastian's eye wasn't her original intention, deep down she's always known she's been attracted to him.  His reaction to seeing the new and improved Missy is a huge ego enhancer, and she tries out her womanly wiles to get him to agree to have sex with her. Their night together is a toe-curler, and while she tries to convince herself it can't happen again…she's hoping it will.

Sebastian might be the head of Case Consolidated Holdings, but he's still battling his father for control. With his father's unexpected appearance in Vegas, Sebastian has to stay alert, even while his head is turned by the sexy Missy. He doesn't want to lose her, though how long will it take before he realizes he won't just be losing her as his secretary? Sebastian has a battle on his hands, and the biggest is the one inside his heart. Their love scenes sizzle as the chemistry between them that simmered below the surface comes to a boil.

A WIN-WIN PROPOSITION is a lighthearted, enjoyable tale of transformation and enlightenment, as both Missy and Sebastian discover love and new insights into themselves. Give yourself the gift of a good read and pick up your copy of A WIN-WIN PROPOSITION.

Patti Fischer