Las Vegas Nights , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2314
ISBN: 978-0-373-73327-9
July 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and South Africa – Present Day

Running a casino and hotel is stressful enough for Harper Fontaine without having to contend with temperamental celebrity chef Ashton Croft, so when he finally arrives in Las Vegas two weeks before the opening of their restaurant, she's not in a good mood. The infuriating man shows up when he wants to and takes off whenever he gets a better offer. But if Harper is going to succeed in her quest to be named the head of Fontaine Hotels and Resorts, the restaurant has to be a success. Ashton was a pain in her side from the moment he agreed to lend his name and expertise to the chic restaurant, but she wonders if his celebrity status made her blind to his faults.

Ashton has traveled all over the world as the star of a food show, and his celebrity status will attract attention to Harper's new restaurant. He has had the wanderlust urge since he left home as a teen years ago and eventually became a top chef. He now has a huge opportunity to star in another show, but it would require being based in New York City. His people are in the midst of negotiations, and it's proving to be a distraction in getting Harper's restaurant open—or maybe because he's even more distracted by the beautiful lady herself? They haven't hit it off well in the past, but suddenly there's a sizzle of sexual heat between them. Should they try to see where things will go? When Harper mysteriously takes off to South Africa—Ashton's birth country—he is beside himself wanting to go after her.

Harper's life has been all about being groomed to run the Fontaine empire, but when her beloved grandfather put the three Fontaine sisters as adversaries in competing against one another, it soon became less of a competition as her sisters Scarlett and Violet have both fallen in love and forsaken their bid for the CEO job. Harper should feel relieved, yet the pressure of showing her grandfather that she can succeed by opening the new restaurant has her on edge. Ashton is charismatic and hates organization. Harper is a by-the-books person and demands he stay in Las Vegas. It shouldn't be a surprise that by clashing it turns their love-hate relationship into something more. But the arrival of Harper's mother into town—and her sisters revelation about something that changes how Harper sees herself—puts her in a tailspin that leads her to suddenly take off. Has she lost her mind?

Ashton rarely settles down long enough to have female relationships, and this newest job offer could force him to live in one place for a while. He thought his attraction to Harper was a result of trying to annoy the prickly woman, but now he begins to think about maybe pursuing her. But is this the right path for a man who hasn't yet come to terms with his past? After she takes off just before the opening of her restaurant, he worries about her—and finally caves in to follow her. He's possibly jeopardizing his new job, but does Harper mean more to him than his career?

Cat Schield takes readers on a worldwide journey from the neon lights of Vegas to the exotic South Africa in A TASTE OF TEMPTATION. Why Harper felt compelled to journey to a foreign country could be a plot spoiler, but those who have read the other books in the Las Vegas Nights series probably have an idea why. She's stunned by the revelation from her sisters and feels adrift. She has spent her life always being in control, and now she can't think beyond getting to South Africa. Ashton has been the wild, spur of the moment chef who has entertained millions with his food shows, but now he wonders about a possible future with a woman who is so different from him. Or, are they possibly alike? See for yourself in A TASTE OF TEMPTATION if that question is answered.

Romantic and sexy, A TASTE OF TEMPTATION is a tempting and enjoyable read I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer