The Sherdana Royals , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2393
ISBN: 978-0-373-73406-1
August 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Kioni, Greece and the country of Sherdana – Present Day

Brooke Davis has chased Nic Alessandro halfway across the world because she has something to tell him: she's pregnant with his child.  Nic broke things off between them a month ago after a terrible accident that happened on a rocket project he was involved with. He blames himself and has holed himself away from public eye to drown his pain in booze. But the unexpected arrival of Brooke throws his life into an upheaval, especially since she reminds him of how irresistible he once found her.

Brooke doesn't tell Nic right away that he's going to be a daddy. She's been attracted to him for a long time and finally thought she'd reached her deepest desire when Nic, her brother's best friend, finally turned his attention onto her. Their affair was sizzling and hot, but he seems determined to keep her at an arm's length. Then he delivers the most incredible news…he's a prince and is about to head home to become the future king…and pick out a suitable blue-blooded bride.  Brooke's shock turns to anger. Why can't she be the one who is a part of Nic's future?

In A ROYAL BABY SURPRISE, Brooke holds off telling Nic for some time about her pregnancy because she didn't want him to marry her just for the baby's sake, but after she learns about his royal future—and that he must marry a proper royal woman—she wonders how they can work things out raising their child. For a while in this tale, Brooke had hopes they could marry, but he quickly dashes them. Brooke is just a lowly American citizen and his country's constitution makes it clear whom Nic must marry. While he'd prefer not to ascend the throne or to have to pick out a proper bride, his older triplet brother has already abdicated for love, and he can't do the same. Of course, it takes a bit of anguish before Nic realizes that he, too, has fallen in love.

Brooke had always had a crush on Nic and that soon turns to love. A baby wasn't in the plans, but if she has to raise it on her own she will. She wishes Nic would give into the sizzling love that is between them, but he is duty bound with blinders on to realize love is at the tip of his fingertips. Brooke is smart, beautiful, and will make a wonderful mother, but their future is clouded by Nic's royal responsibilities. Can they find a way to make it all work out…and maybe even marriage?

An emotional and sexy tale, grab a copy of A ROYAL BABY SURPRISE.

Patti Fischer