LOVE GAME - Elise Sax
The Matchmaker Series, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-0-345-53226-8
March 2014
Contemporary Romance

Cannes, California Present Day

Gladie Burger is still learning the business of matchmaking so she can take over for her grandmother, Zelda Burger, when Zelda decides to retire.  (Which will not be anytime soon!)  Still a newbie, Gladie has made a couple of matches, but her talent seems to be solving murders, much to the consternation of local police chief, Spencer Bolton.  Gladie is sort of involved with Spencer, but the last time she actually kissed him, he passed out!  And then, there's her other boyfriend, next door neighbor, Arthur Holden.  Arthur just plain disappeared after Gladie's last misadventure; he mumbled something about a job to do...

And now, the new trouble on the horizon is Luanda Laughing Eagle, a new self-proclaimed matchmaker who's stealing all of Zelda's clients.  Luanda wears feathers, chants strange incantations, and is doing her best to persuade everyone that Zelda and Gladie are washed-up as matchmakers.  Zelda demands that Gladie expose Luanda for the fraud she is.  So, Gladie's newest assignment is to un-match her friend Lucy's Uncle Harry!  Luanda, in one of her unworldly crazy fits, has decided that Harry and Ruth (who owns Tea Time and makes Gladie's lattes) are a love match.  No two people are more unsuited than the gangster, Harry, and Ruth.

And the fun is just getting started...Lucy crashes her new Mercedes right into Tea Time and destroys Ruth's store; Spencer has hired a sexy new police detective, Remington Cumberbatch; and dear Gladie is once again up to her elbows in mayhem.  Suddenly, she has Ruth and Lucy arguing at her elbow every day while she tries to avoid Remington, who's got her melting under his attentions.  Spencer becomes jealous while Gladie falls under Remington's spell, and she desperately needs a latte after she literally stumbles upon a murdered corpse!

Here we are, once again with Gladie, Zelda, Spencer, and all the wonderful people who live in the small town of Cannes, California.  Arthur is nowhere to be seen in this episode of Gladie's life, but Lucy and Ruth keep her busy trying to expose Luanda, while Spencer and Remington try to keep her out of their investigation!  The third book in The Matchmaker series, LOVE GAME is a sexy and fun way to pass the time while you watch Gladie wriggle out of her latest predicaments.  Following AN AFFAIR TO DISMEMBER (January 2013) and MATCHPOINT (July 2013); LOVE GAME is another winner from the pen of Elise Sax!

Diana Risso