Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul , Book 9
Harlequin Desire #2288
ISBN: 978-0-373-73301-9
March 2014
Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Businessman Alex del Toro finally has his memory back after losing it during a harrowing kidnapping and beating, though there are still some blank spaces where he can't recall what happened. One thing he hasn't forgotten is how much he loved Cara Windsor, but she now won't have anything to do with him after learning that the reason he was in Royal was to get the intel to bring her father's company down. It's tough getting time alone with Cara, but Alex uses his sister's upcoming marriage to Cara's good friend, Chance, to his advantage. Once alone, it's clear there's still a deep attraction between them. But will a rekindling relationship be doomed when Cara learns who could really be responsible for Alex's kidnapping?

Cara thought she could stop loving Alex, but learning that he could have been using her to get close to her father in order to take over the company has her leery of him. Many months ago, Alex was a charmer she soon fell in love with and was distraught during his disappearance. After he was found with no memory of what happened or of her, she thought if they made love he'd remember her, but that didn't work. His memory is now back, all of them, but along came revelations about who Alex really is. She's trying to keep her distance from him, especially if he learns about the little secret she's carrying…

Alex is the missing mogul that this series has revolved around, so it's fitting that his tale, THE TEXAS RENEGADE RETURNS, is the final book. We learned in the last tale, WHAT A RANCHER WANTS, that Alex was really a Mexican heir to a fortune, and that his father was targeting Windsor Enterprises for a takeover. Alex was to integrate himself in the town and get the goods on Cara's father to use in the bid. Did someone discover his true identity and try to get him out of the way?

The moment Cara met Alex she fell head over heels in love with him. Things moved fast, and they were soon engaged, but then her life spiraled out of control when he disappeared, then returned and didn't recognize her. The charade over his true identity has hurt her, especially when it was her family's business that was the target. Even as she tells herself she is over Alex, the harder it is to deny there's a sizzling desire still simmering between them. How is she going to resist falling for him once again, when a wall of betrayal still sits between them? Alex will do whatever it takes to win Cara back. Does this include rejecting his father's attempts to control him?

By the end of THE TEXAS RENEGADE RETURNS readers will learn the who, what, and why of Alex's kidnapping as the series comes to a close. Everyone will have a happily-ever-after…maybe not in the way they imagined. Grab this sizzling tale before it's off the bookshelves.

Patti Fischer