Dynasties: The Newports , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2486
IISBN: 978-0-373-73499-3
December 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Cool Springs, Texas Present Day

Billionaire real estate developer Brooks Newport is in Texas to meet his father, Beau Preston, for the first time. While spending the night before the big meet at a motel, he runs into pretty Latina Ruby Lopez in a bar. Sparks fly and they end up spending the night together. Brooks figures he'll never see Ruby again, but then is stunned to learn while meeting Beau that she works on his father's ranch and is almost like a daughter to him. Brooks wants to continue the affair with Ruby, but he needs to tread lightly to not offend his father.

Ruby thought Brooks was a one-night stand, too, and that she'd never see him again. Running into him at the ranch where she works and lives leaves her stunned and realizing that she needs to keep their relationship platonic. She can't afford to jeopardize her relationship with Beau, because he practically raised her and she's grateful for all that he's done for her. Yet, there's no denying the hot chemistry between her and Brooks. Before either realizes, hot kisses are turning to trysts in the barn. Brooks is a Chicago CEO and Ruby trains horses on a ranch. How can they have anything in common besides hot sex?

A chance meeting in a bar while in Texas has Brooks meeting the woman who will change his life in THE TEXAN'S ONE-NIGHT STANDOFF. Brooks's late mother had secretly given birth to him and his twin, Graham, and it has only been a few weeks since he found out his real father's identity. Brooks is apprehensive, to say the least, in meeting Beau for the first time, which is why he's in the bar the night before. It's there he runs into Ruby and is instantly smitten. He can see that not only is she a sexy female, but she's as tough as nails. After realizing her connection to Beau, he initially pulls back, but soon he's in hot pursuit of the sexy woman he's falling for.

Ruby is grateful for everything Beau has done for her and doesn't want to disappoint him if he thought she was having a torrid affair with his long-lost son. Ruby tries to keep things platonic, but that's hard to do when she's lusting after Brooks. Meanwhile, Ruby's old boyfriend, Trace, comes back to town looking to pick up where he left off, which leaves her confused. She could fall back into a romance with Trace, but Brooks has her feeling something she's never felt before. But is there any chance of a future between her and Brooks?

In the final tale in the Dynasties: The Newports series, all the loose ends are finally tied up. While THE TEXAN'S ONE-NIGHT STANDOFF can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty, the underlying threads regarding Sutton Winchester and the rest of the family are intriguing and shouldn't be missed. Check out for a full list of the six books.

A sizzling night leads to a clandestine affair with possible consequences in THE TEXAN'S ONE-NIGHT STANDOFF. Brooks never expected that when he came to Texas to meet his father that he'd also fall in love with Ruby. A captivating romance, pick this one up at your nearest book outlet.

Patti Fischer