Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail , Book 11
Harlequin Desire #2551
ISBN: 978-0-373-83878-3
November 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas Present Day

Erin Sinclair came to Texas as a nanny, but she is no longer needed after her employer becomes involved with a local woman. However, Erin has been allowed to remain living in the cabin rent-free until she returns to Seattle after the first of the year. One night, she decides to go out with some friends to a local bar, where a drunken Erin ends up riding a mechanical bull. In her drunken state, she falls off, but is rescued by a sexy cowboy who kisses her. With barely exchanging names, Erin ends up having a one-night stand with her cowboy. To her shocked surprise days later, the cowboy is a friend's brother.

The moment Dan Hunt spots Erin in the bar, he is attracted to her. As a man who isn't into romantic commitments, a one-night fling is perfect, and he figures he'll never see her again. But after his sister asks for his help in searching through the Texas Cattleman's Club records to determine who might be the mysterious blackmailer that's terrorizing Royal, he's stunned to find himself paired up with Erin, his one-night stand, in the search. It doesn't take long for Dan and Erin to realize their attraction hasn't waned and that a temporary fling might just be the thing to scratch the itch. But will it be that easy to walk away if they're falling for each other?

Erin thinks of her time in Royal as a fresh start on her life after she lost her music teaching job in Seattle, but she'll soon return there to look for a job. She'd been caring for a baby, but that responsibility was taken out of her hands when her employer's new girlfriend took over. Meanwhile, Dan's sister, Chelsea, asks her to help delve into the records of the Texas Cattleman's Club to see if something can be found that might give a clue who the blackmailer is. At first, after realizing Dan is Chelsea's sister, Erin is embarrassed over their one-night fling, but soon realizes there's a zing of desire between them. One thing leads to another, and they're soon agreeing to extend their affair. They get along great, but both know it will end as soon as she leaves for Seattle.

Dan's commitment phobia issues arise from the fact that his mother left when he was a child. Why give love to a woman if she's only going to break your heart? Flings are good, which Dan seems to do a lot of. But one thing he does love are animals. He is part of a rescue animal group, and in THE TEXAN TAKES A WIFE, Dan and Erin bond with a puppy he rescues. As the days and nights of their affair continue, the deeper the attraction grows between them. Who will be first to realize they're in love? Will Erin leave Texas, or will Dan want to keep her there?

While part of the Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail series, there's no blackmail going on, just an investigation to see if Dan and Erin can help in finding the blackmailer. THE TEXAN TAKES A WIFE is all about the growing attraction and the love they find. An intriguing tale that will leave you smiling, grab a copy today.

Patti Fischer