Moonlight Beach Bachelors Book 2
Harlequin Desire
July 2015
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73396-5

Contemporary Romance

Moonlight Beach, California Present day

Reclusive billionaire architect Adam Chase has designed some of the most unique mansions along the same stretch of Moonlight Beach where his very own ultra-modern man-cave stands. Adam is not a social person.    He designs homes for some of the richest people in the world and prefers to work at home by himself. But his life changes forever the day he finds the quintessential damsel in distress right on his own beachfront!

Even though she planned this meeting on the beach down to the last detail, one thing Mia hadn't counted on was stepping on a broken bottle buried in the sand. Now, standing on the beach right in front of Adam Chase's house, bleeding profusely and unable to walk, she needs to accept his help. Adam bandages her foot and drives her back to her car, but not before they make a date for the weekend.

Will Adam pass THE BILLIONAIRE'S DADDY TEST? As he and Mia begin to date, Mia is able to follow through with her original plan to assure herself that Adam is father material. Mia's sister, Anna died giving birth to her daughter, Rose, and Mia promised that she would find Rose's father, Adam Chase. Rose is now four months old, and Mia does not want to give her up, but she has to face the fact that Adam has a right to know about his child, and to raise her if he desires.

Meanwhile, Adam craves privacy. Suspicious of everyone, he keeps a low profile in his day to day life. Adam Chase trusts few people, including his own brother, Brandon, and when he discovers Mia's lies their    new relationship hits bottom. He demands that Rose live with him, but first, he will have be able to touch her! Since little Rose screams every time Adam is near her, he forces Mia to move into his house with the child. And Mia wonders, is there a future for her and Adam? Mia is falling in love with him, and Adam seems to care for her as well, but is that enough to keep her part of Rose's life?

The second novel in the Moonlight Beach Bachelors Series , THE BILLIONAIRE'S DADDY TEST follows HER FORBIDDEN COWBOY (February 2015), but stands alone. Filled with great characters, THE BILLIONAIRE'S DADDY TEST is Adam and Mia's story of the road to their own romantic future that is full of all the passion and romance, and just a little bit of fantasy that makes this book a great summertime read!

Diana Risso