Slades of Sunset Ranch, Book 1
Harlequin Desire
January 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0-273-73218-0
Contemporary Romance

Sunset Ranch, Western Nevada Present Day

Unable to forgive or forget, Logan Slade thought he'd seen the last of Sophia Montrose when she and her mother left his ranch years ago.  But Sophia is back to claim her half of Sunset Lodge left to her in his father's will.  All Logan wants is to see the backside of Sophia, but first he has to persuade her to sell her interest to him.  He means to see her off his ranch, no matter what it costs.

Former Las Vegas showgirl Sophia Montrose is thrilled to be back on Sunset Ranch.  And she's excited about owning half of Sunset Lodge.  Her years growing up on the ranch were the happiest of her life.  Now, all she wants to do is avoid Logan if at all possible.  The teenage crush she carried for him faded with time, but he is still surly and mean.  She knows he hates her all because of his father's love affair with her mother, but she's not about to sell out to him.  Life won't be perfect, but Sophia is back at Sunset Ranch to stay.

Sparks fly the very second Sophia and Logan set eyes on each other as the new series, Slades of Sunset Ranch begins with SUNSET SURRENDER.  Logan is angry that he has to face all the bad memories of his father's betrayal.  He won't let a gold-digging female settle on his ranch again.  Didn't Sophia marry some rich, old man in Las Vegas, just to divorce him quickly after?  And Logan will not let her add him, or his brother Luke, to her list of conquests.  Meanwhile, Sophia and Luke renew their childhood friendship, but there are no sparks.  As much as she wants to stay away from Logan, she can't ignore the way he lights her up inside.  Sophia did a lot of things she's not proud of, but she had to pay her mother's medical bills.  Now that she's back home on Sunset Ranch, she'll be working at a job she loves.  If only she can stay away from Logan...

SUNSET SURRENDER brings us sparkling characters and beautiful settings, along with a passionate story about two lonely people who are more right for each other than they will ever admit.  The wrongs of the past hold them at odds until pieces of the hidden story become clear that there is more to the truth.  And while a stalker is after Sophia, Logan tries to make her disappear, and Luke tries to keep the peace. Luke's story, SUNSET SEDUCTION, will be released in September 2013.

Passion, love, and suspense are all here for the taking!  You will enjoy SUNSET SURRENDER!

Diana Risso