Moonlight Beach Bachelors , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2434
ISBN: 978-0-373-73447-4
March 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Event planner Emma Bloom has always been attracted to her best friend's brother, world famous actor Dylan McKay, but their relationship has been casual, more like good friends. One night during a citywide blackout, a frightened (and intoxicated) Emma frantically calls Dylan to “rescue” her. He obliges, and the night ends with them in bed together. The next day, Dylan is injured in an accident on the set of his latest movie, and his best friend and body double gets killed. Dylan loses his memory and doesn't remember his night with Emma, which she thought was okay (she is now mortified), until she learns that she is pregnant. She now has to tell Dylan he's going to be a father, even if he doesn't remember making love to her.

Dylan is stunned by the news, but it has him looking at Emma in a new light. She's always been his sister's best friend, and he's intrigued that he made love to her. The fact that she's carrying his child has him wanting to get closer to his baby's mama—and even wants to make her his wife. She initially turns down his proposal, but they're soon spending long evenings together that turn into more. Emma meshes perfectly with Dylan and provides a buffer to the crazy world of show business. Dylan soon thinks he'll have the perfect life that any man would want: a beautiful wife and a child they created together. But soon their lives are rocked by a riveting revelation….

Emma and Dylan always considered themselves good friends of each other because of their connection from childhood and Emma's friendship with his sister, Brooke. Dylan embarked on a successful acting career that has beautiful women wanting to share his bed and men wanting his name on their movie. Dylan enjoys the simple and quiet time spent with Emma as they get to know each other, but he wishes he could remember the night he made love to her.  All Emma wants is to have a healthy baby and to be loved by Dylan. He can have any woman he wants, but will Emma be enough to hold his interest? After growing up in a neglectful foster home, she values stability and love. Can Dylan provide both?

The night Dylan and Emma hooked up is not depicted in ONE SECRET NIGHT, ONE SECRET BABY, but certainly talked about. She had been at a party and drank too much. Add in the blackout and being afraid of the dark, it's no wonder she turned to Dylan for help in soothing her fears. In her drunken state she finally gave in to her attraction for him by begging him to make love to her. Will Dylan ever remember that night, or will it be one black hole in his memory? Part of the Moonlight Beach Bachelors , ONE SECRET NIGHT, ONE SECRET BABY can definitely be read as a standalone as there is minimal mention of the characters from the prior two books.

About two thirds way through ONE SECRET NIGHT, ONE SECRET BABY there is a startling revelation that changes everything for Dylan and Emma. Will it break them apart, or will they come together as they realize how much they love each other? A tale that I highly recommend as one that will keep you riveted to the pages, snag a copy of ONE SECRET NIGHT, ONE SECRET BABY before it's gone from the bookshelves.

Patti Fischer