Moonlight Beach Bachelors, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2353
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73366-8
February 2015
Contemporary Romance

Moonlight Beach, California Present Day

Texan country music superstar Zane Williams has retreated to a beachhouse in California.  He's got a broken wrist, and he's hobbling around on crutches after a freak accident, which would have been avoided if he'd had his mind on business instead of thinking about the tragic death of his wife and unborn child.  Zane is in hiding.  He shies away from his singing career; he can't play a guitar with a broken wrist.  Right now, his heart just isn't in it.  Now, as a favor to Janie's mother, he's welcoming Janie's sister, Jessica, to his home.

For Jessica Holcomb, a few weeks on the sunny California beach might be just what she needs to mend her broken heart.  She'll do anything to forget the humiliation of being left at the altar in their small Texas town.  And, Zane's new home boasts a great sunny beach full of sexy neighbors, like movie star heartthrob, Dylan McKane.  Jessica strikes up a conversation with Dylan, and Zane is right there, quickly chasing him off.  Guess he's just being the protective big brother.  But what harm is there in a little flirtation?  It won't go anywhere.  Jessica wants nothing to do with men for the time being, not now, and maybe never.

What Jessica and Zane don't realize is that as the weeks go by, they are falling in love.  When Zane's personal assistant, Mariah, has to take a sudden leave of absence, Jessica steps in to help him run his business affairs and block the occasional star-struck fan they encounter.  Zane isn't ready to move on from his guilt over Janie's death, but he can't help noticing that Jessica is both beautiful and smart, and he likes being with her.  Even so, she's on the rebound, and it's too soon for either of them to be serious about love.

HER FORBIDDEN COWBOY is Jessica's former brother-in-law, and she's falling in love with him quickly.  Maybe this is the catharsis they both need, this time together, discovering a new chance at life?  But can these two Texan transplants be happy in sunny California, and with each other?

Filled with sparkling characters, passion and fun, HER BORBIDDEN COWBOY is the first book in the Moonlight Beach Bachelors series, don't miss it!

Diana Risso