Dynasties: The Montoros , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2404
ISBN: 978-0-373-73417-7
October 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Island of Alma Present Day

Juan Carlos Salazar II never thought he'd become King of Alma, but after it was discovered his cousins were not in fact true royals, he has agreed to rule the country. At his coronation, a beautiful woman catches his eye, and he is intrigued. As the country's rules dictate that he must only marry a blue blooded woman, he's pleased to discover that his mystery woman is Princess Portia Lindstrom. This will make the pursuit of his quarry much more pleasant. To help speed along the process of getting to know Portia, Juan recruits her to help him look for some long lost paintings that he believes are at a remote site on Alma.

As an art expert, Portia agrees to Juan's request. Never mind that she finds herself attracted to the man! Portia is a princess without a country as her family fled to exile after her relatives were deposed. She has been raised to act properly as a part of royalty, but having an affair with a king isn't the way to go about things. Portia tries to resist Juan's charms, but soon she can't deny him anything.  Will she agree to marry him should he ask her?

It's the final book in the Dynasties: The Montoros series from Harlequin Desire, and we are treated to a royal adventure. Juan has an instant attraction to Portia, while she is more reserved, not wanting their marriage to be a royal merger, but one based upon love. Juan has arranged with them to stay in a secluded farmhouse on the property they're searching for the artifacts, though his bodyguards are a discreet distance away. They traipse around the area in their search, even finding a mama cat with her kittens that they rescue. Will they find what they're searching for, and will their closeness lead to more than friendship?

In A ROYAL TEMPTATION, Juan finds Portia tempting and, with her being the perfect candidate for a royal bride, he's full steam ahead in his quest. Portia is ready to go along, especially as she soon falls for Juan, but a startling truth comes out late in A ROYAL TEMPTATION that has her questioning everything she has had ingrained into her. Will it prove to be the catalyst to make or break a potential marriage to Juan? While this tale can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend picking up the prior six books in the Dynasties: The Montoros series to get a better understanding of the family's history.

Portia and Juan work so well together that readers will want to root for them to find their happily-ever-after. What obstacles will be put in their paths to make their romance a rocky road? Find out in the sizzling royal romance, A ROYAL TEMPTATION.

Patti Fischer