An Argeneau Novel, Book 16
ISBN: 978-0-06-210020-7
May 2012
Paranormal Romance

St. Lucia in the Caribbean – Present Day

Carolyn has had a really rough past few years. Her husband married her for her inheritance, verbally abused her throughout the entire marriage, and is now dragging out their divorce proceedings hoping for more money. So when Carolyn's former roommate, Genie, invited her and their mutual friend, Bethany, to stay in the hotel she runs, Carolyn decided it was about time for a vacation. But this isn't exactly what Carolyn was expecting—Bethany is sick; Genie is busy running the resort; St. Lucia is overrun with honeymooning couples, and Carolyn got conned into playing the beard for a young, attractive, unfortunately gay, member of the band playing at Genie's resort.

Christian can't believe his bandmate and cousin told Carolyn he was gay. He understood the reasoning; after all he does look fifteen years younger than Carolyn thanks to the nanos that keep him immortal, and she's not the type to date younger men. But Christian will do whatever he must to stay close to Carolyn. She's his lifemate, the one person he has been searching for, for over five hundred years. Christian knows they will be perfect together, but Carolyn will take a little convincing, especially since she thinks he's only in his twenties. And Christian thought explaining that he was immortal would be the hardest thing…

Another great story from author Lynsay Sands! Just when you think she has covered every possible situation, she throws a new one into the mix. With charming and true-to-life characters—or as true as immortals can be—Ms. Sands weaves an exciting, fun tale of vampires, friendship, and misinformation. As with most of the Argeneau Vampire novels, it's not just about the romance. Carolyn is in danger from someone close to her, and it's up to Christian to make sure she makes it home from her vacation.

UNDER A VAMPIRE MOON combines humor, romance, and a dash of mystery to give any reader an excellent experience. A paranormal series loved by many, myself included, Lynsay Sands has yet to disappoint, and UNDER A VAMPIRE MOON is another shining example. If you're looking for a new author, and haven't picked up a novel by Lynsay Sands before, be sure to do so on your next visit to the bookstore.

UNDER A VAMPIRE MOON is the sixteenth book in the Argeneau series, following THE RELUCTANT VAMPIRE (MAY 2011) and THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (OCT 2011). Be on the lookout for the next novel in the series, LADY IS A VAMP, coming July 2012.

Amanda Toth