ISBN: 978-0-06-206911-5
January 2015
Contemporary Romance

Sonora, California – Present Day

Jane Spyrus works for a super secret spy organization in research and development. She makes all the amazingly awesome gadgets the agents need during their missions. Sure, some of them might seem strange—such as the missile launcher that looks like a vibrator—but as long as they work and keep the organization's agents out of the enemies' hands, Jane knows she is doing good work.

Abel Andretti started to worry when his sister didn't pick him up from the airport, and now that he knows no one has seen her since she went on a date the night before, he knows something is wrong. His sister's neighbor seems a little odd, but this Jane girl apparently has a way of tracking his sister, and he is willing to follow any possible lead. Unfortunately, this means carting along his sister's cat, Jane's grandmother, and a dog named Tinkle. Abel can't believe his sister's neighbor is a spy, but she certainly has a lot of odd gadgets lying around. And when they find out his sister has been kidnapped by a group wanting to use mind control to take over the world, Abel is glad to have someone like Jane on his side.

THE LOVING DAYLIGHTS is a laugh out loud read from much beloved author Lynsay Sands. Jane is as far from a field agent as one can get, but to help her neighbor, Edie, she will gladly do anything. Antics ensue as Jane and her rag-tag band of family and friends try to solve the mystery of what happened to Edie, and why an entire town seems to think yellow is a flattering color.

The author clearly had a fun time writing this novel, and readers will too. This is a fast paced read, and readers should be sure to have some tissues on hand—they will be necessary when you laugh so hard you start crying. Be sure to pick up this book with the right mindset, a funny, cheesy, great-time read. Filled with hilarious situations, characters with puns for names, and spy gadgets that will have your inner spy-lover dancing for joy, THE LOVING DAYLIGHTS cannot be missed.

Amanda Toth