An Argeneau Novel Book 21
ISBN: 978-0-06-231600-4
March 2015
Paranormal Romance

Canada Present Day

A young girl bursting into her office and talking about vampires is the very last thing Sherry Carne expected to happen. Even worse, a vampire attacks customers in her store, and Sherry has to flee with the girl. And to top it all off, now she's supposedly a mate for one of these immortal creatures? Well, since it's all a very elaborate and crazy dream, Sherry might as well go along with it.

When newly-turned Stephanie tells Basileios Argeneau that she has found his lifemate, he couldn't be happier, and more nervous. After thousands of years of being alone, a lifemate will be a welcomed oasis. But there is something going on in Sherry's past her memories are a confused, jumbled mess, meaning she might have an immortal messing with her mind. And even worse, a rogue vampire is after her. Basil's quiet life as he knows it is over, and he couldn't be more ready.

In true Lynsay Sands fashion, she's created another hero readers will be swooning over! Ever polite and courteous, Basileios Argeneau has had millennia to perfect the art of being a gentleman, and Sherry is just the type of no-nonsense woman he needs to help him get the starch out of his shirt.

A cute, funny romance with just enough suspense to keep the readers guessing, THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME is sure to be a hit with paranormal romance readers. It takes a lot of work to keep a series going strong after 21 books, but author Sands knows how to keep her fans enthralled and desperate for more.

While THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME can be read as a stand-alone, readers will be introduced to a lot of characters from previous novels. Add in a recurring villain, and it might be advisable to pick up the previous books to get a good idea of the back story. Trust me; you'll want more of the fantastic Argeneau family!

And be on the lookout for the next book in the series, ABOUT A VAMPIRE, coming September 2015!

Amanda Toth