LADY PIRATE - Lynsay Sands
ISBN: 978-0-201973-8
July 2016
Historical Romance

London - Late 1700s

Valoree has pretended she was her deceased brother for years now, but it's time to woman-up and attempt to get back her birthright. But the will is very specific; Valoree has to marry and get with child to reclaim Ainsley castle. Well, fineóbut she's going to do it her way. Valoree has captained a pirate ship for years; she's not about to give up control now. So the plan is to find a husband she can easily control.

Lord Daniel Thurborne is not easily controlled, and for that reason, Valoree refuses to consider him an option. But Daniel is clearly interested, and Valoree can't help being attracted to him. Daniel is in a similar situation, having to marry to inherit his family fortune. He's eager to solve both their inheritance issues by marrying, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get Valoree to agree. Including joining in on all her dates with potential husbands.

LADY PIRATE is a perfect showcase of author Lynsay Sands's sense of humor. The banter between Valoree and Daniel is well worth the price of the book, and the host of hilarious secondary characters is an added bonus. Valoree has pretended to be a boy since she was a teen, and the shenanigans she manages to get into from her first day as Lady Valoree and on will have you laughing out loud.

Daniel and Valoree are clearly perfect for each other, but watching Valoree fight the attraction is half the fun. Add in a murderous subplot, and pirates masquerading as stuffy footmen, and LADY PIRATE proves itself to be worthy of a keeper shelf.

Amanda Toth