Argeneau , Book 24
ISBN: 978-0-06-231606-6
September 2016
Paranormal Romance

Punta Cana - Present Day

Abigail's pilot friend convinced her to accept a free ride to South America. He didn't tell her she would be hidden away in the cargo hold, hiding behind a crate that turns out to be holding a very drugged and very naked man. Finding him there was scary enough, seeing him take the only parachute in the plane and opening the hatch to jump out was even worse, not to mention he grabbed her for the jump as well. Now the two of them are in the middle of nowhere, still on the run from the men who had captured Tomasso.

Vampire Tomasso Notte didn't expect to find his lifemate when he was kidnapped. Stranded in the jungle with no available food source other than Abigail herself, Tomasso is slowly losing his mind as they head towards civilization. But just because they found a town, and his family members who had been searching for him, doesn't mean he's safe yet. First Abigail gets deathly ill thanks to their jungle hike, and then the kidnappers find them. Now it's not just Tomasso and Abigail in danger, but his entire family.

Lynsay Sands's Argeneau series is a staple in the paranormal romance world, and IMMORTAL NIGHTS is yet another perfect example. Tomasso and Abigail's story blends just the right amount of humor into the suspenseful plot, giving the reader a moment to breathe before diving right back into the tough stuff. If you love your romance with bit of a bite, look no further than IMMORTAL NIGHTS.

IMMORTAL NIGHTS directly follows RUNAWAY VAMPIRE (FEB 2016), with part of each story running congruently. Because of this, it's suggested that interested readers at least read RUNAWAY VAMPIRE, if not other previous books in the series. Next in line is IMMORTAL UNCHAINED, coming March 2017.

Amanda Toth