LUCK IS NO LADY - Amy Sandas
Fallen Ladies , Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-1-492-61872-0
April 2016
Historical Romance

London, England - 1817

During the London season, Emma Chadwick is determined to find proper matches for her two younger sisters, Portia and Lily.  As their guardian, and at the age of twenty-five, Emma missed her debut when her mother died.  Now, with her father also gone, Emma's duty is to Portia and Lily.  Tonight, at yet another ball, she is running from the dishonorable Lord Marwood, a most large and ugly man intent upon pursuing Emma.  She ducks into an unused parlor and is surprised in the dark by another man who is also hiding behind the curtain!  When Marwood is gone and it's safe to leave the room, the stranger kisses Emma!  She has never in her life been kissed, and it was the most wonderful experience, but she exacts a promise from the stranger to stay hidden while she leaves the room.  He must not see her!  Emma escapes safely, but later recognizes the stranger as Roderick Bentley, owner of a local gambling house. 

The gossips delight in filling Emma in on all of Bentley's foils, which Emma puts aside in her memory, as she's sure she will never again lay eyes upon such a scoundrel.  The next day, Emma must return to the reality of life, and she is beside herself with worry.  Her father had a penchant for gambling and his death left the Chadwicks drowning in debt, and it's up to Emma to find a way to pay expenses.  She decides to take a great risk.  Disguising herself in an old dress and large hat, she goes to St. James Street to answer an advertisement for a bookkeeper.  Emma loves mathematics, and possesses a solid knowledge of numbers.  She has no formal experience, but she figures maintaining household accounts and paying her father's bills qualifies her for the work.  Now, all she has to do is keep her mission a secret from the ton !  A proper butler who calls himself Mr. Snipes answers her knock at a large house on St. James Street.  He leads her to a room where she meets her potential employer, who turns out to be none other than Roderick Bentley!

Roderick Benjamin Bentley, the bastard son of the Earl of Wright, is one of the richest men in London, but he is scorned by the ton for his choice of vocation.  He runs a reputable gaming house, rents part of his building to a madame and her girls, and disdains society and the ton .  He immediately recognizes the woman who calls herself Mrs. Adams; he peeked around the curtain as she left the parlor that night.  Why would one of the beau monde take such the risk of seeking employment in the trades?  No matter, after finding that Emma possesses the skills he needs, Roderick hires her on the spot.  He knows her name is not Mrs. Adams, and he's determined to learn her real identity.

Wow!   This is a phenomenal book!  LUCK IS NO LADY is a story with lots of twists and turns and engages a fresh new premise, one of London's ton who braves a scandal and seeks work to help her family!  Emma Chadwick is strong willed and a proper lady determined to see that her sisters do well in society, in spite of the mountain of debt her father left behind.  Working for Roderick Bentley will help, but it isn't long before Mason, the moneylender, threatens Emma.  She must find a way to earn money quickly!  Her father taught her to play cards, and she's good at it, so she disguises herself once again and returns to Bentley's at night to gamble for the funds she needs.  What follows is a wonderful and exciting story full of thrilling danger and romance!

LUCK IS NO LADY is the first in a new series, Fallen Ladies .  In November 2016, comes NO MORE A LADY, followed later by book three, NO KIND OF LADY.  I am counting the days until these books are released.

Inside this delightful book is a plethora of delightful characters and many moments of pure enjoyment.

LUCK IS NO LADY is a book not to be missed!

Diana Risso