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The Bourbon Brothers , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2793
ISBN: 978-1-335-23278-6
March 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas & Kentucky – Present Day

Zora Abbott and Dallas Hamilton have been best friends since elementary school. Neither has ever had any romantic thoughts about the other. Zora wants a baby and tells him about her plans, but she isn't asking him to be the daddy. Dallas is in Las Vegas to receive a prestigious award and Zora flies in to join him on the awards night. Too many drinks find them waking up in bed together the next morning—and Zora has a ring on her finger with a piece of paper that says she's married to Dallas. They could easily just get it annulled without anyone finding out, but Zora in her drunken state uploaded the video of their marriage ceremony to social media. Now everyone—including their families—knows they are married. Rather than admit they had too much to drink, and the marriage is a mistake, Dallas suggests they remain married and have that baby she's wanting. Seems too good to work, right?

In the weeks that follow, a busy Dallas and Zora settle into married life, and yes, including a sexual one. Their families have mixed emotions about the marriage. On one hand, it is the suddenness of it, then there is the mistrust by Zora's overprotective brothers who think Dallas might be trying to get a piece of the Abbott financial pie. Meanwhile, Zora and Dallas pretend that their marriage is real to their family, but in reality, they are adjusting to a relationship that was once friends only to one of being husband and wife. Can they make their marriage work?

A little too much booze sent Zora and Dallas on a journey neither expected in WAKING UP MARRIED by Reese Ryan. Zora is the only girl in a large wealthy family and works in the family business. Despite being in her thirties, her family thinks she still needs protection. Dallas has always been that comforting friend by her side, and while they did kiss once years ago, they have made a conscious effort to keep their relationship platonic. Now it's all changed—and they can't wait to hit the bedroom once they get a clean bill of health from their doctors. Having sex with each other should feel awkward, but it turns out to be easy.

The original plan Zora and Dallas agreed on with their marriage was to be together for one year. He is currently working on a deal that will require that he live in Iceland for several months. How will this play into their future relationship? Can Zora see Dallas beyond him being the sperm donor for her baby plans? There is obviously sexual chemistry between Dallas and Zora. Can they see how perfect they are together? An intriguing and sensual tale, don't miss WAKING UP MARRIED.

Patti Fischer

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