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The Bourbon Brothers , Book 2
Billionaires & Babies series
Harlequin Desire #2618
ISBN: 978-1-335-97178-4
October 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Magnolia Lake, Tennessee – Present Day

Benjamin Bennett and Sloane Sutton have known each other since they were children. In fact, ten-year-old Benjamin had a huge crush on fifteen-year-old Sloane. Now adults, they run into each other at a wedding and connect in ways neither expected: they have a one-night stand. Six months later, Benjamin has just sold his tech company for billions and decides to look up Sloane in Nashville. To his surprise, she is six months pregnant…with twins. He doesn't dispute that they're his babies and immediately offers to marry her. She refuses his marriage proposal but does agree to move to Magnolia Lake where he has a cabin and will live with him there until the babies are one year old.

Benjamin's youthful crush for Sloane has turned into an adult attraction. She doubts that this attraction will last and doesn't want to enter into a marriage that might soon turn into resentment between them. She agrees to his offer to move into his cabin because she is about to lose her condo anyway and has been ordered by her doctor to take it easy. They settle in and what starts as “friends only” turns into them becoming lovers. However, their relationship is rocky, and even after the twins are born, nothing really changes between them. Benjamin's family hates Sloane because they think she deliberately got pregnant to entrap him, never mind the fact that he only found out she was pregnant when he showed up at her condo. Family is important to both, so how can they make it work if they can't get their families together?

THE BILLIONAIRE'S LEGACY takes place over several months—from the moment they reconnect at the wedding reception to the time when the twins turn nine-months-old. A lot happens during that time, and the ever changing situation between Sloane and Benjamin will keep readers glued to the story. Sloane's mother was accused of entrapping her father into marriage by means of pregnancy and that legacy has followed her as she's grown older. Sloane doesn't want people to think that she's like her mother and is the big impetus for her to turn down Benjamin's marriage proposal. But he truly cares for her and even pays off her debts so that she doesn't have any worries. Of course, this act only fuels suspicion of Sloane from outside their little circle.

Another issue is that Sloane wonders if Benjamin's enthrallment of her will fade once the newness of their relationship wears off. While the five years age difference isn't a lot, could it lead to him soon looking at her as “too old” for him? The months they live in the cabin bring about a lot of changes, one of which is the birth of their twins. Benjamin digs right in and makes things “happen” while Sloane would prefer that he discuss these changes with her. This leads to trust issues between them. Can they work out the problems in their relationship to build something forever…like love and marriage?

An emotional and intriguing romance, don't miss THE BILLIONAIRE'S LEGACY.

Patti Fischer

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