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Dynasties: Secrets of the A-List , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2673
ISBN: 978-1-335-60375-3
July 2019
Contemporary Series Romance 

Seattle, Washington & Napa Valley, California – Present Day 

After the party for Matt Richmond's event was canceled when a fallen tree destroyed part of the hotel where it was to take place, everyone involved is working on rescheduling it. Singer Jessie Humphrey was to perform, and when event organizer Teresa St. Clair contacts her to confirm she'll be available for another date, Jessie learns that Gideon Johns is likely to be there. Jessie's sister dated Gideon in high school, but it ended after pressure from their parents. A few years later, Jessie, who had a crush on Gideon, showed up on his doorstep proclaiming her love. Gideon rejected her. How can Jessie look him in the eye knowing that he probably has little respect for her? 

It wasn't that Gideon wasn't interested; it was just that he wasn't in the right place to take up with his ex's sister. Through the years, he has followed Jessie's singing career and is proud that she is a rising star. But what he doesn't know is that she is working on resetting that career, as she wants to branch out to her own record producing. Gideon is now rich and powerful; will he help Jessie achieve her goal? What will happen when they come face to face? Will the simmering attraction between them be ignited? 

Meanwhile, Teresa is dealing not only with the fallout from the postponed event but the titillating gossip that is swirling around her and billionaire Liam Christopher. Someone seems determined to push a wedge between them. Is it just a coincidence that Liam and Teresa's interactions always seem to be caught by the paparazzi? Will the planned event finally get a chance to run despite all the obstacles? 

SEDUCED BY SECOND CHANCES is the third book in the Dynasties: Secrets of the A-List  that revolves around a group of people involved in putting on an event. To be honest, because the characters from the first book, TEMPTED BY SCANDAL (Matt and Nadia's story) do appear in this one, plus the fact that Teresa and Liam's unlucky in love affair started in that tale, then it would be best to read all the books in order. The second book is TAKEN BY STORM (Isabel and Shane's tale). The final book in the series is out next month and focuses on resolving Teresa and Liam's storyline. 

Much of SEDUCED BY SECOND CHANCES goes back and forth between Jessie/Gideon and Teresa/Liam. Jessie is still embarrassed by Gideon's rejection and thinks he did so because he was still in love with her sister. He's intrigued by her but feels like she is off limits because he thinks he's unworthy of her. The moment they meet again, sparks fly. He uses the opportunity to reconnect with her, but is there another reason he wants to spend time with her? Jessie can't afford to get distracted from her goal of reestablishing her career. If Gideon gives the green light for a fling, will Jessie take up the offer? 

If you love romances that have a soap opera feel with all the anguish, unrequited love, and continuing storylines, then you'll love this series. A sizzling tale of second chances, don't miss SEDUCED BY SECOND CHANCES. 

Patti Fischer

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