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Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2719
ISBN: 978-1-335-20895-8
March 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Darius Taylor-Pratt and Audra Covington dated years ago while in college, but he was poor and ended things after pressure from her wealthy parents to break it off. Now both own successful businesses and they end up staying next door to each other while in Royal on business. Coincidence…or not? Whichever the case, sparks fly once more between Darius and Audra, which soon has them making love. But he hasn't told her yet that there is a second reason he is in Royal: he's the secret illegitimate heir to the Blackwood estate. How will Audra react knowing that Darius hasn't told her everything about why he's there?

Audra had loved Darius with all her heart years ago, and when he broke off their romance, she was devastated. While she is leery of getting involved with him again, the attraction between them is too deep to ignore and she gives in to the passion. Just as Audra is figuring out how they could make things work between them since their companies are in different cities, she learns the truth about who his father was. Why didn't he trust her enough to tell her? It isn't that she wouldn't keep the secret. Has their reunion now come to an end?

Darius and Audra never expected they'd end up running into each other in Royal. He thought he was there for a business meeting with Sophie Blackwood, but it turns out she is his half-sister. He knew his real father was “out there” somewhere, but he's still stunned to learn the news from the Blackwood attorney that it was the late billionaire Buckley Blackwood. It's a lot for Darius to digest, and he takes up the family's offer for him to stay at a house in Royal. To his surprise, Audra is next door. She is in town to present jewelry designs to Sophie for her upcoming nuptials. Having Darius next door to her is unnerving at first, but they soon get past their uncomfortableness and forge a friendship, which turns into something more. They never stopped loving each other, but is love enough to make a future together?

In SECRET HEIR SEDUCTION, there are a lot of secrets being held. At the center of it all is why Buckley's ex-wife is the main beneficiary of his will. Darius also spends time getting to know Sophie and his half-brother, Kellen. He still has to talk to his mother and stepfather, but once that is done, he can share the news with those closest to him…like Audra. But is it too late? Because they once split in the past, their reunion is tenuous at best, as both are afraid that the issues which broke them up years ago will resurface. But they are older…right?

A tale that is sexy and intriguing, don't miss SECRET HEIR SEDUCTION.

Patti Fischer

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