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The Bourbon Brothers , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2580
ISBN: 978-1-335-97140-1
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Magnolia Lake, Tennessee – Present Day

Savannah Carlisle is hired by Blake Abbott, the head of his family's bourbon making empire, as an event planner but she's really not there because she needs a job. Years ago, her grandfather was duped out of his share of the Abbott business and she plans to find the evidence somewhere in the company's records. Of course, if the Abbotts knew what she planned to do, they'd kick her off the property. Savannah clicks immediately with Blake, and after she's stranded during a rainstorm, they embark on a secret affair. But if Blake finds out about Savannah's secret mission it may unravel.

Savannah intrigues Blake, but he can't explain why he wants her so bad. Usually, affairs with employees are something he doesn't do, but he makes the exception with Savannah. Yet, he suspects there's something she's hiding. Maybe getting close to her will reveal her secrets.

There's intrigue in the air in SAVANNAH'S SECRETS as Savannah applies for—and gets—the job at King's Finest Distillery. Her grandfather is very ill and if she can find the proof that he was bilked out of money rightfully owed to him, it'd help take care of him. Blake is disarmingly attractive, and the sparks fly between him and Savannah. He's not into office romances, but he can't resist her.  The sex is great and she's an asset to the company as she skillfully plans events for them which lead to greater profits. She'd be the perfect companion if Blake was looking for a wife…

Savannah feels guilty over her surreptitious searches of the office late at night after everyone is gone. The whole Abbott family has been nice to her, plus her fling with Blake has her wondering if she can walk away from him after he learns what she's up to. Just what readers suspect will happen in SAVANNAH'S SECRETS does as she slips slip up—and is caught. Now Blake threatens to charge her with a crime, but will things change because of  another  little secret she's carrying?

The Bourbon Brothers  series by Reese Ryan focuses on the successful Abbott family that runs King's Finest Distillery in a small town in Tennessee. They're rich and powerful, but like every family, there are nuances that threaten to split them apart, but family does come first.

SAVANNAH'S SECRETS is a sensual tale that has an underlying bit of intrigue as Savannah tries to uncover secrets from the past that would expose Blake's family as frauds. But love should conquer all, right? Grab a copy and sit down for an enjoyable time spent reading.

Patti Fischer

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