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Valentine Vineyards, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #16B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45778-3
September 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Magnolia Lake, North Carolina – Present Day

Evelisse “Evvy” Jemison has spent twenty years in Los Angeles hoping to hit it big in Hollywood, but instead, she is a go-fer for a Hollywood brat. When her younger sister has an unfortunate accident that leaves her basically bedridden, she asks Evvy to come to Magnolia Lake to help manage the new country inn. So far things are running smoothly, and Evvy enjoys the challenges of the job. But one day, a man walks in to register for his three-month stay, and it turns out it is Sebastian Valentine, a man she briefly met a year ago. Are they about to get a second chance together?

Sebastian has been ordered by his family to take three months off from his high-stress job in Nashville after he passed out during a panic attack. He decided to stay at the inn rather than with his family in Magnolia Lake because he wanted some privacy. Seb didn’t know Evvy worked at the inn and it’s a pleasant surprise for him because he still remembers her from a year ago. They are friendly with each other, and it isn’t long before they have sex. Evvy figures it is a one-time fling but when a heavy snowstorm has them trapped alone at the inn, it makes sense that they would want to take advantage of being snowbound. But once things return to normal, will their affair end?

It takes a while before the snowstorm shows up in SNOWBOUND SECOND CHANCE, but it allows Evvy and Sebastian plenty of time to connect with others around them—and each other. Evvy has basically given up on her desire to become a working actress, while Seb is knee-deep in helping to run the company that his father sold to another company with the stipulation that Seb remain as CEO. But the stress of working with new people nearly kills him. His family does a “Come to Jesus” confrontation with him and he finally agrees to take time off. With so much family in Magnolia Lake, it makes sense to stay there. Meeting Evvy again is the icing on the cake. 

There is a sizzling attraction between them from the moment readers see them around each other in SNOWBOUND SECOND CHANCE. She can hardly form a coherent sentence, while he is curious about her. An affair sounds like the perfect way to scratch the itch between them, and being trapped during a snowstorm is an opportunity neither will resist. Their “alone time” allows them a chance to get to know one another—and to fall in love. But their time together may be brief.

A couple who met a year ago get a second chance to discover the magic of love in SNOWBOUND SECOND CHANCE. With two likable characters, readers will be glued to the pages. 

Patti Fischer

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