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Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2678
ISBN: 978-1-335-60380-7
August 2019
Contemporary Series Romance 

Houston, Texas – Present Day 

Attorney Roarke Perry and fashion vlogger (a blogger who posts their self-help videos online) Annabel Currin belong to rival families, yet as soon as they meet for the first time, they're attracted to each other. They run into each other again at a charity ball and end up dancing together. Annabel's fiancé, Mason, has just ended their engagement, and she should be on the rebound, but it's like ending the engagement has freed her emotionally. The sizzle and pop chemistry between her and Roarke can't be ignored. Annabel asks Roarke to represent her in a lawsuit against her former fiancé for the expenses she incurred on the wedding, and they end up stealing away to his beach house in Galveston to discuss it. Will they end up in bed together for the rest of the weekend? 

Love between Annabel and Roarke won't be easy considering the animosity running between their families. Their fathers hate each other! Roarke is also distracted because not only has his father, Sterling, recently been arrested, but there are rumors that Roarke's  real  father might in fact be…Annabel's father! He is attracted to her, but is she really over Mason, or is she just using him as a rebound affair? With the help of his sister, Angela, Roarke finally gets the answer to who is his real father. How will the answer impact his feelings for Annabel? 

In OFF LIMITS LOVERS, the romance between Annabel and Roarke turns hot and cold many times. Their fathers aren't too happy that they're together, and add in that she was recently dumped, there is a lot of uncertainty between them. Meanwhile, two other storylines that have continued throughout the  Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston  series pop up again. Angela is in love with Ryder Currin (Annabel's father) but if he is her brother's father, how does this impact their future? Then there is the mysterious body found in the basement of the Texas Cattleman's Club in Houston. It's finally identified, and things don't look good for Sterling Perry. 

OFF LIMITS LOVERS features what should be forbidden lovers  ala  Romeo and Juliet, which makes for an intriguing read. Roarke and Annabel's chemistry burns off the charts and both know that the more they spend time around each other, the more the likelihood increases that they won't be able to avoid making love. Will they be able to work things out to find their happily-ever-after? A compelling read that you won't want to miss, be sure to grab a copy of OFF LIMITS LOVERS. 

Patti Fischer

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