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Valentine Vineyards, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #16A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45778-3
September 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Magnolia Lake, North Carolina – Present Day

Single mom Delaney Carlisle is going through a bit of an emotional crisis. Her ex has come back into their daughter’s life and wants to spend time with their daughter—in Seattle. Laney can’t refuse him, but she will miss her eight-year-old daughter. Her sister is married and lives in Magnolia Lake and offers her a chance to spend the summer living there and potentially getting a temporary job with Valentine Vineyards, an up-and-coming winery. Laney is an enologist, which means she is perfect for the winery. Arriving in Magnolia, Laney is welcomed warmly by her sister and her sister’s expansive family, including the CFO of the winery, Nolan Valentine.

There is this sizzle of attraction brewing between Nolan and Laney, but they know that getting involved while working together is dangerous. Laney settles her daughter in Seattle for a planned two-week trip while she thinks about the future. Her ex wants her to move to Seattle so that he can be closer to his child. Will Laney go along with that idea? Meanwhile, she and Nolan settle into a comfortable working friendship, one that is especially close since their desks are in the same office space. He is sympathetic about her missing her daughter, and soon, one thing leads to another, and they spend a night of incredible lovemaking. Even as their affair causes them to become closer, Laney isn’t honest with him. Nolan doesn’t know that she may leave at the end of August. 

It is a summer Laney and Nolan won’t ever forget in the sizzling ONE SUMMER OF LOVE. Nolan has already gone through one bad marriage and is gun-shy when it comes to romantic relationships. Meeting Laney has him thinking about changing his mind, though he is cautious. They are both aware of how office romances can turn sour and since they are not only working together but sharing office space, one can understand the baby steps they take. Yet, they are like pegs in a board fitting perfectly together. With her daughter gone for two weeks—then longer—it allows them to enjoy themselves sexually. But will it all change by the end of the summer? Laney isn’t a love-and-leave-them type of person, but she has to think about her daughter’s well-being. Her ex’s reappearance in their lives has been surprising but he is a good father—now. Just as Laney is thinking about a future with Nolan, the realization that she must choose between her daughter’s happiness and her own leaves her wondering what to do. Will she make the right choice?

An entertaining and sensual tale that will hold your interest, don’t miss ONE SUMMER OF LOVE. It’s a summer filled with love—and maybe happiness. 

Patti Fischer

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