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Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2629
ISBN: 978-1-335-97189-0
December 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal and Dallas, Texas – Present Day

The Texas Cattleman's Club needs another man for their bachelor auction after one is taken off the list. One of the charity auction's volunteers, Tessa Noble, asks her best friend, Ryan Bateman to do it, but he refuses. So, Tessa decides to be the “surprise” bachelorette auctioned off and her friends help her by giving her a makeover. The moment Ryan sees Tessa up on the stage he is stunned how beautiful and attractive she is. And he won't let anyone “win” her except himself.

Tessa thinks Ryan was just helping her out by bidding on her, but to her surprise, he wants them to go on a real date—to Dallas for the weekend. She agrees, and their friendship soon turns into red-hot desire bubbling between them. Will a fling ruin their friendship, or can they make it work out into a forever kind of thing?

The bachelor auction has finally arrived for the members of the Texas Cattleman's club—and for the readers who've read about the preparation in the prior three books in the series. Another recurring theme throughout has been the plot by another couple's grandparents to keep them apart despite their mutual attraction. It turns out in HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT that the grandparents are beginning to have some feelings for each other!

Tessa and Ryan have known each other for years. Her brother is his best friend, and all three hang out together. Friends help friends, which is why she thought she could talk him into being one of the bachelors. Tessa considers herself a “Plain Jane” and is grateful for her friends helping her by gifting her with a makeover. Ryan's attraction to her thrills her, yet she is afraid that if anything happens between them it might jeopardize their friendship. Could they go to Dallas for a romantic weekend—with a photojournalist in tow to record it—and pretend to be lovers for the camera? Or will they give in to the desire that sizzles between them?

Whatever happens in Dallas might end up staying in Dallas for Tessa and Ryan in HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT. She feels like Cinderella and that at midnight everything will end. After being burned by an ex-fiancée, Ryan isn't looking to get romantically involved with another woman. Will Tessa change his mind? Certainly they should be perfect together as they've known one another for a while. Can Tessa and Ryan discover the magic of love and live happily-ever-after? Find out in the tantalizingly sexy HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT.

Patti Fischer

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