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The Bourbon Brothers , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2657
ISBN: 978-1-335-60359-3
April 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Magnolia Lake, Tennessee – Present Day

Parker Abbott plans to do whatever it takes to secure his place as head of his family's business empire, even if it means pretending to be involved with Kayleigh Jemison, a former friend turned adversary. Kayleigh owns a building that Parker wants to buy for the company in hopes of impressing his father with his business acumen. She is reluctant to sell because she not only has a business in the building but also lives upstairs. Kayleigh has been invited to be a bridesmaid for a former friend that will be a destination wedding. The bride is Kayleigh's ex-boyfriend's sister, and she doesn't want to show up dateless, as though she still hasn't gotten over her ex. While Kayleigh is not a fan of Parker, she decides to accept his business offer, along with the request that he pretend to be her boyfriend and go with her to the wedding. He accepts and they start going on dates, only to soon discover there is a mutual attraction. How can a couple who once disliked each other suddenly find themselves sexually attracted?

Parker and Kayleigh were once friends, but after she discovered what his father did to her parents, she ended their friendship. He thinks she is being unreasonable, plus he doesn't care for her surly attitude towards him. Yet, the sparks are more than just that of anger between them. There is lust, attraction, and a realization that they mean more to each another than a business proposition. ENGAGING THE ENEMY takes place over a period of a few months as Kayleigh and Parker work on getting comfortable with each other. The thing is, they're soon very comfortable…

The Abbotts are a rich and powerful family in the town of Magnolia Lake and currently are buying up properties for various business ventures. Kayleigh doesn't like the fact that her building is being targeted by Parker but has to admit the money will help her to relocate. Once she has a taste of spending time with him, will she stay in town? Will Kayleigh lose her heart to confirmed bachelor Parker? While ENGAGING THE ENEMY is part of  The Bourbon Brothers  series by Reese Ryan, it can easily be read as a standalone and the plot is similar to that of the movie  The Wedding Date.

In ENGAGING THE ENEMY, Parker and Kayleigh have been adversaries the past few years but now they're about to put love into the mix. Will they find their way to a happily-ever-after? Discover for yourself in this intriguing and enjoyable tale.

Patti Fischer

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