QUINN – R. C. Ryan
Wyoming Sky , Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-1-455-50245-5
March 2012

Contemporary Romance

Paintbrush, Wyoming – 1996 to Present

Quinn Conway is a wildlife expert who studies and tracks wolves, living for months at a time in the high country following their trail. Today, he's tracking the alpha male of the pack when a senseless killing makes him angry enough to leave the wolf pack alone and storm into a rancher's barn, looking for revenge.

Cheyenne O'Brien is pointing a rifle at Quinn, thinking he's come to her ranch to terrorize her. It's just like her neighbor Deke to send someone to scare her; he's made plenty of threats. But, it turns out that this man standing in front of her is not here to hurt her, he only wants answers about that dead wolf. The wolf was after her cattle, she shot him, end of story. But Quinn Conway is standing here acting like she committed a crime, so the only thing Cheyenne can do is take him back out there in the snow and show him exactly what his precious wolf was after, and it wasn't a deer!

Soon enough, Cheyenne learns that QUINN is one of the wealthy Conways, local ranchers who own acres and acres in the Wyoming high country. They're a family dynasty that is a legend in the town of Paintbrush, and their wealth is in land, cattle, horses, and oil! Quinn doesn't have to work too hard to maintain his ranch, he has his family and dozens of ranch hands to keep things working, but Cheyenne has to handle her own small homestead with only a handful of workers. Both her father and brother lost their lives recently, each in a tragic accident, and now she's on her own. Cheyenne is independent and head strong. She'll never allow anyone to hurt her or her ranch, and when trouble finally finds her, she's thankful for Quinn‘s help. Someone out there wants to hurt them both, and it isn't long before they are running for their lives with only their passion to sustain them.

QUINN is the first novel in a trilogy about the Conway family. The pages sparkle with liveliness and warmth and the characters are spot on. Brothers Quinn, Josh and Jake lost their mother early in life, she just disappeared. Their father, Cole, retreated into his own world with the loss of his wife and the boys' grandfather, Big Jim, raised them with the help of two women, Ela, who raised Big Jim, and Phoebe, hired to help Ela and take on the early schooling of the boys. Cheyenne lost her own mother when she was young and now looks to her friend, Micah, who helps her with the cooking.

QUINN is both a love story and a mystery. Suspense runs through the pages as he and Cheyenne look for answers when someone targets Cheyenne's ranch. Another suspenseful element is the mysterious disappearance of Seraphim Conway, Quinn's mother. I'm hoping that question will be answered in the subsequent novels featuring Quinn's brothers, Josh and Jake. Look for JOSH, (October 2012), and JAKE, (May 2013).

But don't miss QUINN! This endearing novel will steal your heart!

Diana Risso