JOSH – R.C. Ryan
Wyoming Sky , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-455-50243-1
October 2012
Contemporary Romance

Conway Ranch in the Teton Mountains, Wyoming – Present Day

Josh Conway knows the mountains so well near his family's ranch that he's called upon to find a female climber who isn't answering a check up call, just as a snowstorm is about to blow in. Josh locates the woman, Sierra Moore, and is surprised at her resourcefulness and lack of panic. Due to the storm, however, they are unable to make the return trip down the mountain and are forced to spend the night together in her tent. As Josh gets to know Sierra, he begins to feel a tingle of attraction for her. He wouldn't mind asking her to stick around, but she makes it clear that she's independent and moving on. But when Sierra finds a note on her rented SUV that frightens her, she suddenly is ready to take up Josh's offer to stay overnight at the ranch.

Sierra doesn't want to let on to Josh or his family (brothers Quinn and Jake, plus their father and grandfather) that she is on the run from a man who is obsessed with her. The man has made threats against her, and Sierra thinks hiding out at the Conway ranch seems like a good idea…until he starts snooping around the town, making it clear he's not going to give up. Sierra finally reveals the truth to the Conway family, and their response is to help her. Meanwhile, Sierra and Josh grow closer. It's clear Josh has fallen in love, but the wanderlust Sierra has no plans to stick around.

In her latest western contemporary romance, JOSH, R.C. Ryan has penned a tale that depicts the beauty of Wyoming and the cowboys who rule the land. Whenever Josh has felt the need for solitude, he has explored the mountains near his family's ranch and knows them like the back of his hand. His knowledge has led the experts to call on him for rescues, and he figures this will be just another one…until he meets Sierra. While curious as to why she's by herself with the impending storm rolling in, he admires her determination and also finds her attractive. The chance to have Sierra stay with his family until the roads are reopened gives Josh the opportunity to get close to her. Yet, even then, her secrets are still kept locked up tight inside her.

Sierra has roamed nearly her entire adulthood from one place to another. A photographer who is looking to take some magnificent photos of the Wyoming mountains to sell, the past few months have been marred by the obsessive man who wants to possess her like a toy. Being with Josh and his family gives Sierra an opportunity to see what a working ranch looks like, and the chance to experience a relationship with a true gentleman like Josh. But she's afraid to get involved with him, because doing so just might have her falling in love…and wanting to stay in Wyoming. Doing so could only endanger Josh and his family. And her fears may come true as the bad guy zeros in on Sierra and the Conway family.

A powerfully emotional take that will connect with readers, JOSH has at its heart and soul a man who is known in his family as a loner. Josh falls in love with another loner, Sierra, and all it takes is their learning to accept that two halves will make one whole. Love a feel good cowboy romance with a touch of suspense? Then pick up JOSH.

Patti Fischer