HER LUCKY COWBOY - Jennifer Ryan
Montana Men - Book 3
Avon Books    
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-233495-4
September 2015
Contemporary Romance  
Las Vegas, Nevada and Crystal Creek, Montana - Present Day
Rodeo champion Dane Bowman wants one last ride for the gold in Las Vegas, and he stays on that bull the required eight seconds, but the victory brings disaster.  As Dane dismounts from his horse, the bull runs at him in a blur, tossing him around the arena like a broken doll.  His life literally hanging in the balance, the first person Dane sees when he opens his eyes is an angel kneeling over him, saving his life once again.  He thinks he's in heaven.  This woman is the same dark haired angel who saved his life when he was fifteen years old.  He's never forgotten her face, her eyes, her voice.

The next time Dane wakes, he's in a hospital bed and his angel is named Dr. Bell.  She's older now, but so is he. Dane wants to know who she is, why was she on his family's property eleven years ago, and where she disappeared after she saved him!  But Dr. Bell isn't talking.  She examines him, gives him curt instructions then disappears and leaves him to the mercy of the nurses.

Dane is not in good shape.  He'll need lots of therapy before he recovers.  The good news is that the elusive Dr. Bell lives right next door to him.  Bell has lived there all of her life.  Her father's bastard child, she was the little girl no one wanted, hidden away on her grandparent's ranch so her father could ignore his sins.  Beautiful and with near-genius intelligence, Bell grew up alone.  Her name is Bell.  Just Bell.  Her father refused to give her his name, and she's gone through life as just plain Bell.  She has never had friends, was home-schooled by her grandfather, and graduated high school and college at the early age of seventeen.  Bell's one true friend, her grandfather, died, but he would be proud that Bell is now one of the top doctors in the field.  Despite her grandmother's animosity, Bell continues to live in her grandmother's home, caring for the evil woman who has never, ever, had a kind word for her.  Bell usually bests most doctors at their own game, and even though she could write her own ticket financially, she chooses to stay in Crystal Creek and give her grandmother the best she can for what little time the woman has left in her life.  Now, Bell takes on Dane as her personal project, determined to see him well and healed.

Dane Bowman is HER LUCKY COWBOY!  Dr. Bell's cowboy is lucky indeed.  If fate had not put her in the stands on that day the bull attacked Dane, he would be dead now, or at the very least, missing his leg.  Dane is the stuff of Bell's fantasies, ever since she saved him when they were kids. Thoughts of "what if?" that included Dane have kept her going all these years.  Dane has never really thought about settling down until now, but Bell won't give him much hope for a relationship; she remains distant.  He realizes her unconventional childhood and personal struggles contribute to her reluctance, but he's determined to persuade her that he really, truly loves her.

HER LUCKY COWBOY is the third in the Montana Men series, following AT WOLF RANCH (February 2015) and WHEN IT'S RIGHT (March 2015).  All these books stand alone but feature returning characters as well as hints of mystery and a bit of danger inside each story. HER LUCKY COWBOY is filled with dynamic and unusual characters and a fresh new plot.

Diana Risso