AT WOLF RANCH - Jennifer Ryan
Montana Men, Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-233486
March 2015
Contemporary Romance

Crystal Creek, Montana, and New York City - Present Day

Heiress Ella Wolf is on the edge of a deserted country road, broken, frozen, and nearly dead when ex-rodeo star Gabe Bowden finds her.  He bundles her into his truck and races back to the medical clinic in Crystal Creek.  Just twenty hours ago, Ella secretly watched her uncle murder her sister, Lela.  Ella ran away before Uncle Phillip discovered she'd been hiding just outside the library door.  Tracing Lela's movements in the previous days, Ella flew to Montana, bound for the family ranch.  There are no cabs in the small town of Crystal Creek, so she accepted the offer of a ride, and was soon fighting off the cowboy's advances when she was pushed out of his speeding truck.

The next morning, Ella wanders out of Gabe Bowman's guest bedroom to find Gabe in the front room, glued to the television.  CNN is reporting the heretofore tragic story of the Wolf family: multimillionaire Stuart Wolf dies in a plane crash, his wife, Rosalind, commits suicide, and now, with their twin girls, Lela and Ella, due to inherit millions on March 12th, Lela has been found murdered, and Ella, suspected of killing Lela, is missing.

Gabe is fraught with conflicting emotions.  Ella might well be a killer, and as well as declaring her innocence, she also informs him that the ranch he recently purchased will never be his.  Gabe just sunk every dollar he has into buying Wolf Ranch, and knowing that he might have been swindled by Phillip Wolf tears at his gut.  He isn't rich, and if this sale goes south, his future is ruined.  Could Ella be lying?  The media claims she's a party girl, manipulative and greedy.  But, as Ella tells Gabe her story, he realizes that she loved her sister, and she has nowhere else to go.  Phillip Wolfe is the manipulative one.  He has too many city officials in his pocket, so Ella can't go to the police.  She has to search Wolf Ranch and find the secret Phillip killed Lela to keep.  The entire country is looking for Ella, and the only choice Gabe has now is to trust her, and help her uncover the depth of her uncle's deception.

AT WOLF RANCH is fast paved and intense.  This suspenseful novel is full of dynamic characters, passionate romance, and heart pounding suspense.  Gabe and Ella uncover the puzzle of truth piece by piece as Ella digs into one mysterious death after another inside Wolf Enterprises.  The first novel in the Montana Men series, AT WOLF RANCH is soon to be followed by WHEN IT'S RIGHT, which is Gabe's brother, Blake's, story, coming in April 2015!  (And I have to say this next story is terrific!  I've already read it, so look for the review soon.)

AT WOLF RANCH is a true cowboy story, romantic, exciting and just plain fun!

Diana Risso