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NOT BAD FOR A GIRL – Anastasia Ryan
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1728253381
January 30, 2024
Contemporary Fiction

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

Indiana "Ana" Aaron works as a coder and IT specialist but because she is a woman, she is a bit of an outlier. Some men at her job don’t respect her, and it doesn’t help that she’s short. After she is assigned to a new virtual group, she wonders how much longer she will have a job. The Zoom group is unable to turn their video cameras or mics on due to some issues, so it appears that her new co-workers think Indiana is a male. After sending her supervisor some corrections, he addresses her in an email as “he.” And he’s now listening to her. Why not continue to let him think Indiana is a male and see how far she can go to prove that women can work in the business too?

Ana’s ruse soon becomes an elaborate plan after her supervisor wants to meet Indiana. She has met the man in person at the office and he’s a sexist jerk. So, to pull off her scheme, he can’t meet Indiana. With the help of friends at work, she is able to avoid him running into Indiana. However, a fellow employee, Shane, soon figures out that Ana is short for Indiana. She doesn’t bother to deny it and it appears Shane will let her continue the deception. As Ana and Shane grow closer outside the work environment, the more she likes him. But will her scheme cost them their relationship? How long before everyone learns who Indiana really is? How will her employer react?

NOT BAD FOR A GIRL pinpoint how females are considered lesser beings in fields dominated by men. When Ana meets her supervisor in person at the beginning of a staff meeting in the office, he arrogantly mistakes her for someone who is taking coffee orders. Even other men—her coworkers! —do the same. It’s no wonder that she wants to continue to prove that women are as smart as men and can work in coding and web development. This tale will have readers rooting for Ana to be successful, though she is in serious danger of being found out at times…and losing her job. 

While there is a little romance going on with Shane, the majority of NOT BAD FOR A GIRL is about Ana’s quest to prove the worth of females. Her friends help provide some comic relief and are too numerous to mention. By the end of this tale, we will be holding our breaths as Ana’s scheme begins to unravel, especially when her supervisor turns out to be a snake. But the message of NOT BAD FOR A GIRL is that you can do whatever you want to achieve your goals. Don’t miss the fun in this intriguing tale. You will laugh and you will cry.

Patti Fischer

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