SPARK - Amy Kathleen Ryan
A Sky Chasers Novel - Book Two
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-03195-2
May 2013
Young Adult Science Fiction

The Spaceship Empyrean - The Future

Waverly was able to save the other children and herself, but not her parents. And now the ship is entirely run by the children left behind—with Waverly being public enemy number one. She keeps her head down, taking the jobs no one wants, but no matter what she does, the hateful words follow her. Kieran, Waverly's former boyfriend, is now the de facto captain of the Empyrean , but as much as he acts tough, Waverly can see he doesn't really know what he's doing, and the power is just going to his head.

Imprisoned in the brig without a proper trial, Seth has had no one to talk to since Waverly visited him his first week in. When a small explosion rocks the ship, Seth finds himself free and on the search for Waverly. But he comes across something more dangerous than guards and the ship's new captain—there is a saboteur on board the ship, and he's taken it upon himself to kill everyone on board. Even though Kieran doesn't trust them, it's up to Seth and Waverly to find a way to save the kids on board the Empyrean , and maybe find a way to save their parents too.

The second book in the Sky Chasers series, SPARK starts off with a bang…and quite literally. With a very Lord of the Flies -like flair, it's up to children to run the Empyrean , and when kids turn on each other, it is never pretty. Even with not having read the first book in the series, GLOW (SEPT 2011), author Amy Kathleen Ryan can suck you into the characters and the story. SPARK left my heart racing on more than one occasion, but be warned: all that emotional energy can leave the audience feeling drained by the end of the story.

While readers can pick up SPARK without having read GLOW, I would highly suggest reading these books in order. The events of the first book play such an important role in the world building, as well do the emotional toll of the children and teens involved. SPARK is incredibly powerful on its own, and, indeed, a gut wrenching novel, and well worth a read if you're looking for some dedicated Young Adult Science Fiction.

Amanda Toth