The Offspring Series, Book 4
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-201885-4
February 2011
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Washington, D.C. - Present Day

A government-trained assassin, Fonda Raine's world has fallen apart. As a contractor for the CIA, she targeted terrorists in the Middle East. A small group of local terrorists called the rogues tried to sabotage the program. Fonda was to focus on their demise. But, her boss, Darkwell, and a prisoner, Sayre Andrus, were murdered along with her lover Jerryl. Out of a job and still reeling from the death of Jerryl, she has decided to kill Eric Aruda, who has the power to start fires with just a thought. One small problem, she isn't a killer. Fonda can astral project and be in two places at one time. What will she do?

Eric is reeling from the effects of sleep deprivation. He awakens and thinks he is hallucinating when he sees a beautiful woman. That's not good; with a fear of developing psychosis, he tries to go back to sleep. It's been six weeks, and now only Amy, Luke, and Eric are left in the old bomb shelter. The other Offspring have dispersed. Maybe he is just going crazy.

Fonda has learned how to maneuver herself as she astral projects. She reappears and throws out a challenge to Eric to come meet her soul, and he does. The meeting is explosive, and Fonda's plan changes when they are attacked by a powerful assassin who attempts to kill them both. Facing death, Fonda and Eric discover neither of their powers works. Fonda recognizes the assassin as Agent Westfield from the FBI. Eric tells her it's because they are Offsprings, and the government is tying up loose ends. Fonda and Eric flee and join forces. Finally Fonda learns who and what she is.

Now on the run, Fonda begins to trust Eric; she isn't used to kindness or caring. She finally gets the opportunity to feel love, and decides she wants a future with Eric.

BURNING DARKNESS is the fourth installment of Jamie Rush's series of the Offspring. I will confess I had some difficulty understanding this story, though It is well written, with several plots carried over from the prior installments that blend into this one. Secondary characters, Amy and Lucas, are still being stalked by Sayre, until he finds himself stalked by the assassin. With a hint of an answer, the Offsprings' powers are revealed, and who is sexy mysterious Pope, who seems to appear and vanish like a ghost?

Anyone who believes in conspiracy theories, men in black, a parallel universe, extraterrestrial life, remote viewing, and paranormal abilities will relish BURNING DARKNESS. This one is for you.

Deborah C Jackson