The Offspring Series, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-06-201891-5
December 2011
Paranormal Romance

Arizona Present Day

Petra has tried living a normal life, even going on the occasional date, but she still can't get Cheveyo out of her mind. He saved her and her friends' lives, they both felt the connection they had, but Cheveyo left to keep her safe. And as much as Petra wants to get over him, Cheveyo is stuck in her head, and in her heart. Now her friend, and also former savior, Pope is back in her life, and he's on the run. Pope needs her to contact Cheveyo and get him to agree to a meeting. Petra can't help but jump at the chance to see Cheveyo again, and maybe she can convince him to stick around this time.

Cheveyo has trained to fight creatures that could harm this world since he was a young boy. Afraid his life would be too dangerous for Petra , he told her they couldn't be together and had planned on her never seeing him again. And now they're stuck together to help Pope face down the men after him. Cheveyo knows it's only going to make it harder to say goodbye later on, but he can't help enjoying his time with Petra , and she's stronger than he ever thought she could be. Now it's up to the three of them to take down a force that threatens everyone they love.

BEYOND THE DARKNESS is the fifth novel in Jaime Rush's well loved Offspring series. Finally fans will get a chance to see Cheveyo and Petra get their happy ending, assuming they make it through this alive. Cheveyo and Petra are both incredibly stubborn characters, and it's truly enjoyable to watch them clash. And Pope is another character that will worm his way into readers' hearts. A being stripped of his emotions, Pope is interested, and even amusingly nosy, about the feelings Petra and Cheveyo have for one another, leading to some of the funniest lines in the book.

A good, fast-paced story that will keeps readers on their toes, BEYOND THE DARKNESS offers a little something for everyone. The action scenes are exciting and very well written, and the romance is passionate and deep. Each character brings something to the table, and everything combines to create one truly good reading romp.

BEYOND THE DARKNESS can be read as a stand-alone, but for the full back story, interested readers are encouraged to start at the beginning, with A PERFECT DARKNESS (Feb. 09), OUT OF THE DARKNESS (Oct. 09), TOUCHING DARKNESS (May 10), and BURNING DARKNESS (Feb. 11). And be on the lookout for the next novel in the series, DARKNESS BECOMES HER, releasing May 2012.

Amanda Toth