FAN THE FLAMES - Katie Ruggle
Search and Rescue , Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-1-492-62820-0
June 2016
Romantic Suspense

Field County in the Colorado Rockies - Present Day

Firefighter Ian Walsh is used to dealing with both the bad and the good, literally.  On one side, he's an upstanding citizen who counts fellow firemen and the local dive team among his best friends, but Ian is also part of a motorcycle group in a neighboring town with members who tend to step just outside the law.  Ian has idolized local gun shop owner Rory Sorenson for years, but Rory never seems to look twice. They're simply friends, though Ian would like much more.

Rory Sorenson has been half in love with Ian Walsh for a long time, but she doesn't know how to take it to the next level.  Raised by survivalist parents, she was homeschooled and never allowed to play with other kids.  After she lost her parents, she took over operations at the gun shop and continues to live below the store in a secret underground bunker.  Her property is surrounded by high fences and is monitored by cameras; she has a hidden arsenal big enough to survive the next world war hidden in the back room, along with other assorted surprises.  Rory's life is one big secret; she has no idea how to socialize or start friendships, even with Ian.  Her only friend is her beloved German Shepherd, Jack.

Ian is still grieving the death of his mother and doing all he can to help his stepfather cope with the loss.  He doesn't need more added to his plate, but when he learns he's under suspicion for the death of Willard Gray, the headless and handless dead body recently found under the frozen ice of the lake, Ian is determined to clear his name. (HOLD YOUR BREATH, April 2016).  When Rory's shop is broken into and her life is threatened, Ian becomes her protector, determined to get to the bottom of both his own troubles and the catch the person who is trying to kill Rory.

FAN THE FLAMES, is a fast paced and suspenseful novel about loyalties and new love, as Ian and Rory tiptoe around their personal feelings while they stand up against an unknown assailant.  The second novel in Katie Ruggle's Search and Rescue Series set in the Colorado's Rocky Mountains, FAN THE FLAMES is a pulse pounding romance filled with excitement and passion.  A word of warning:  this novel is quite violent throughout the pages, and does contain some graphic scenes that might make the reader a little squeamish, but that aside, it's a great story!  FAN THE FLAMES stands alone; however, the thread of mystery that began in HOLD YOUR BREATH continues with no resolution.  Returning characters populate the pages along with dynamic new faces.  Next up in the series is GONE TOO DEEP (August 2016), followed by IN SAFE HANDS (October 2016).

FAN THE FLAMES is a winner!

Diana Risso