Harlequin Desire #2268
ISBN: 978-0-373-73281-4
November 2013
Series Romance

Brisbane, Australia – Present Day

Artist AJ Reynolds is desperate to have a baby, and after she runs into old flame Dr. Matthew Cooper at her sister's wedding reception, an idea begins to form in her head. Since her plans went awry with her original sperm donor, why not ask Matt if he'd be the donor? He's made it clear in the past that his career has precedence over being a father, so surely he'd agree to be a daddy in donation only? But Matt wants more than providing sperm to AJ—he wants her in his bed. Is she playing with fire by getting involved with a man she never really got over?

A lot has changed in Matt's life since he and AJ split ten years ago. He married a woman much like himself, and then tragically lost his only brother, which forced him to relook at his life and eventually led to his divorce. Matt never forgot AJ, but even though they'd had a yearlong affair, they had never done much more than have sex fast and furious. AJ still acts mysteriously about her past, which continues to intrigue him. A chance to get to know her better and becoming a father to her child provides him with that opportunity. But how will she react when she realizes that he plans to stay in her life?

Matt takes advantage of AJ's quest for a baby in THE PREGNANCY PLOT. They have both changed since they split ten years ago. Yet, nothing has changed as she refuses to divulge much about her childhood; he's surprised to learn that she even has a sister. When they were together, most of their time was spent in bed, as the fiery passion consumed them. Even now it's still there, because when he makes a stipulation that they try for a baby the old-fashioned way, she only hesitates a moment before agreeing. Matt intends to bind AJ to him—and then what? She doesn't want marriage, but is having a baby together all he will get?

The reason AJ doesn't want to talk about her past is because it still hurts her. She is different from the wild teenager who fought to keep her and her sister together, which ultimately didn't happen. Now all AJ wants is a baby…and Matt is her perfect chance.  Will she be able to keep from falling for Matt again, or is she in for heartbreak? Will AJ and Matt open up to each other about their painful pasts?

THE PREGNANCY PLOT has lots of angst and emotion to keep readers riveted to the pages. AJ and Matt are trying to make their futures better, but they're going to have to deal with the past before they get a happily-ever-after. How will it all play out? Find out for yourself in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer