Harlequin Desire # 2142
ISBN: 978-0-373-73155-8
February 2012
Series Romance

Brisbane, Australia Present Day

After losing his uncle to a heart attack, banker Luke De Rossi is shocked to find his uncle left him a house in his will. But Luke's uncle has come under suspicion for laundering money, and if Luke wants to get that promotion, he needs to distance himself from the whole affair, quickly. Forced to take a few days off work while the board decides his fate, Luke drives to his new house to check it out and prepare to put it on the market. But he's shocked to find the house isn't empty, as he assumed.

Beth Jones has made this house her home. Yes, she knew she was only renting it from the owners, but she could almost forget that her lease is up in a few months. And when Luke shows up at her door, claiming to be the new owner, she knows he has every right to kick her out the door. She doesn't trust him, and he seems to have the wrong idea about her, but they're forced together to solve their problems. They expected sparks, but they didn't expect their feelings for each other.

BED OF LIES is another exciting Harlequin Desire title. Luke and Beth clearly have a connection, and it's more than entertaining watching them fight their desire and interest in each other. Both Beth and Luke have their own agendas, and BED OF LIES is worth a read, if only to see how these two characters clash. With a thick plot and several subplots, readers will certainly be kept on their toes as all the characters try to solve the many mysteries that abound in Beth and Luke's life.

There were a few subplots and issues left open, so I do hope author Paula Roe writes a follow up to BED OF LIES, so readers will get the chance to not only get the answers they're looking for, but to see Luke and Beth living it up in their happily ever after.

Amanda Toth